SunPower 210 Solar Panel


Pros: Dramatically lower bills, Using the POWER of the sun

Cons: Quite Expensive Initial Investment, Still have to have S. Cal Edsion for night time power.

We have had our Sun Power Panels since last July, when we installed our swimming pool.  We have the 225 model and we have 28 of them on the roof.  It's 5.5 kw system.  So our electric bill with a 26,000 gallon swimming pool, 2650 sq foot house, and four people is less than 10 bucks a month.  It's really great!  I just take the money I normally would have paid for the power bill and pay it towards the cost of the panels every month.


I LOVE watching the meter spin backward--it's better than slot machines at Vegas, because I know these are paying off in a lower bill, less reliance on the grid, and long term savings.  Clean solar power---it's the sun why not use it's amazing energy, especially in Southern California.  I don't have the price handy, but will try to look it up later and post.

SunPower 210 Solar Panel

The SunPower 210 Solar Panel provides a revolutionary combination of high efficiency and attractive, uniform appearance. Utilizing 72 next generation SunPower all-back contact solar cells and an all-black backsheet, the SunPower 210 elegantly delivers an unprecedented total panel conversion efficiency of 16.9%. The panel’s reduced voltage-temperature coefficient and exceptional low-light performance attributes provide far higher energy delivery per peak power than conventional panels. High Efficiency Industry leading panel efficiency of 16.9% Attractive Design Unique design combines high efficiency and an elegant, all-black appearance More Power Delivers up to 50% more power per unit area than conventional solar panels Reliable and Robust Design Proven materials, tempered front glass, and a sturdy anodized frame allow panel to operate reliably in multiple mounting configurations

Additional Features16.9% efficiency
TypePhotovoltaic module
Rated Power/Wattage Generated210 watts per panel
Cell Efficiency
Freeze Tolerance
Release Date
Thousands of BTUs per panel per day
Thousands of Megajoules per panel per day
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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