Suncoat Water-Based Nail Polish Reviews


I can breathe!!!


Pros: No smell

Cons: Takes a few more coats than I'm used to

I ordered this stuff for my store and as soon as I came I decided to give it the ultimate test and try the darkest color black. It took 3 coats to get a final finish and I thought it was no good at first because it was more of a charcoal gray than black, but as it set in it turned black! I love that there is no smell to this so putting on 3 coats was not a hassle. It seems a bit thinner than conventional polish so it will probably last longer. Turned out to be a great natural alternative to get my nails gussied up!

No Stinky here


Pros: does not stink

Cons: hard to remove

I love that this does not have any harsh odors!!!! (The brand No Miss does smell toxic even though they claim it is natural) Anyways, back to Suncoat, it does not smell, it does take 2-3 coats for a dark color, for lighter colors that you want to be sheer then 1-2 coats. I found that even using their brand remover (recomended) it took a bit of trying to remove the paint. All in all, not a bad enough experience to stop me from using this brand. The fact that it didn't give me a headache from smelling it, was good enough to balance the fact it's a bit difficult to remove.