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Sun Ovens Global Sun Oven


Pros: Really easy to use, solar power baby!

Cons: On one model, the little twisty metal bit which closes the clear top heats up way too much

So to be fair, this isn't actually my sun oven.  It's my mom's.  But it pretty much rocks my socks.  I've made rice in this oven....beans, chicken, cookies...all sorts of things.  And they all come out fantastically (and it has nothing to do with the chef whatsoever).  Seriously, sun ovens are great.  They really keep in the moisture while slowly cooking everything to perfection.  I highly recommend it.


The only thing is...on one model of this oven, the little metal tab that turns to lock the cover isn't painted with the heat resistent stuff so it gets VERY hot.  Just know that you should probably use a pot holder or something until you know how hot yours gets.


Pros: It maintains 350 on a sunny day, you can't burn or scorch food,does't dry out foods...stays moist, need only suns energy, weighs only 19 lbs, folds up

Cons: needs the sun to function

Alice and I sold our home and everything we own and bought a 40ft Ultimate Advantage Winnebago motor home and started touring the country. Our only challenge was "boondocking", dry camping... not being plugged into electricity, sewer or water. Everything but the air conditioning and oven operates off the battery bank using an inverter. To operate the oven the generator needs to be turned on. It is noisy, stinky and uses diesel fuel.


After researching of the solar ovens available we chose the Sun Oven. It was the only one that had a 15 year warranty and would maintain 350 degrees, even at 20 below zero! We bought two of them and they arrived christmas eve 2009. We cooked our Christmas dinner in them... I placed a five pound chicken in a black enamel pan with carrots and onions. While that was cooking I cooked a pan of rice in the other, quickly followed by a pan of corn bread muffins and a dozen chocolate chip cookies for desert.


There was no instructions or experience needed... The Sun Oven is very will never burn or scorch food and everything stays moist. The chicken was done in just an hour and a half... rice in 30 min. and muffins 45 min... cookies 20 min.  I cooked a 5# chicken for 3 hours and it was still moist and falling off the bone.


We have been using our Sun Ovens every day and I have experimented with dozens of recipes.  Cooking and baking is no longer a chore, it has become a hobby.


The best part is Paul Munsen, owner of Global Sun Ovens has donated Sun ovens to hospitals, orpanages and schools in over 130 countries... recently he shipped 400 to help the Haiti earthquake victims. There are approximately 2 billion people around the world cooking with third the worlds population! Our forests are being depleted at a rate of one acre per second! Sun Ovens are reducing the amount of fuel used an reducing green house gases.


1.6 million children die every year from inhaling cooking fire smoke with another 1.2 million being seriously burned or maimed by stumbling into the fires. (WHO World Health Organization)


Just a few reasons why I chose the Sun Oven.                                  



Pros: NO energy

Cons: Expensive

We love our sun oven. We use it for casserols, Banana bread, or anything else you can make in the oven,


Solar pot roast rocks!


At about 300 clams they are a little pricey, but check Ebay to save some money.


The global sun oven is just fantastic. It works all year round as long as there is some sun. I have used mine in sub zero condtions and it still works. Food tastes great!

Sun Ovens Global Sun Oven

The Ultimate Solar Appliance! One Black Round Covered Enamelware Pot and Shipping via DHL Ground within the Continental U.S. are included (One additional Pot can be shipped with each oven) Back of outer box is 14" high, the front is 9". Back of oven chamber is 11" high, the front is 7" (average depth 9"). Door opening is 14" square. Weight 21 pounds.

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