SudNuts Soap Nuts All Natural Laundry Soap Reviews


They really work!


Pros: clean well,

Cons: some shells were broken

Soap nuts really do work.  I was skeptical myself, I used to be the girl who used every product imaginable to get my clothes smelling fresh.  And then I learned about all the chemicals that go into making my clothes "fresh".   A friend was using soap nuts and gave me a few to try.  My clothes smell clean.  Not the same kind of tide fake smelling flower clean, but clean nonetheless.  I'd say they smell fresh.  I didn't need to use fabric softener either.  I ordered some online from  Sudnuts advertises minimal packaging, so some of the nuts were broken in shipment.  This really doesn't matter though, since they work just as well broken as whole.  They come in a reusable cloth...
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