Straus Family Creamery Fat Free Milk


Pros: Glass bottles, taste, organic

Straus Family Creamery is the best tasting fat free milk I've ever had. The fact it comes in a glass bottle just makes the taste all the better! All their products are 5 star.


Pros: Fresh, great tasting milk from happy cows!

Cons: Limited availability, some extra work to clean and swap bottles

 A friend swears by this milk, so I gave it a try. I live in San Francisco, so it's fairly easy to access at my corner grocery, Whole Foods, etc. The milk is delicious! I had switched to soy milk, but the taste and nutrition level have caused me to use the Straus Organic (have tried reduced fat and whole) in my coffee, cereal and with pb&j again. The taste of fresh, organic milk in a bottle can't be beat!

Swapping and cleaning the bottles is a minor effort, but well worth it!


Pros: Great taste, organic, glass bottles, local to Bay Area

Cons: slightly more expensive (but worth it IMHO!)

 The glass milk bottles add to the experience, not only with a little nostalgia, but also because the more we know about plastics, the better glass is sounding. I've also heard that Straus supplies Trader Joe's (at least in NorCal) for their store brand organic milk. If so, what a bargain!
Straus Family Creamery Fat Free Milk

Most people agree that our nonfat milk is sweeter and richer than any skim milk they've ever tasted. It's the skim milk with the full-bodied flavor of lowfat milk. All of our milk products are pasteurized at 170F degrees for a total of 19 seconds, about the same temperature as a nice toasty cup of hot chocolate. Unlike most organic milk (which is ultra-pasteurized at 280F degrees for 2-4 seconds), you'll really taste the true flavor of our cow's diet. Because we're out here in the salty ocean air of northern Marin our grasses tend to be sweeter. You'll notice the beautiful aroma as soon as you pop the top. Don't be afraid, milk is supposed to have a taste!! Enjoy.

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