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Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt Reviews

Positive Reviews


Delicious yogurt the whole family will love!!


Pros: Great organic alternative for school lunches!

Cons: The kids ant to take more then one!!

I have been looking for this yogurt for a long while now as it comes in nice packaging for the kids to take to school. We are always looking for organic snacks. A trip to Calgary last month found us in an organic market and to our surprise it was in the cooler!!! We bought a few and bemoaned the fact that they we eaten so quickly!! This last week out local supper store revamped their entire organic section and when I went to check it out they had this yogurt at a reasonable price. The flavors are fantastic and the creamy texture is heavenly. I know the kids need the small packages for School but I'm going to have to bring home the large tubs for me!!!

Negative Reviews


unfavorable experience


Cons: poor quality control

I found a rusty rivet in a container of Stonyfield yogurt.  Please visit my website for all the details.  

More Reviews


Decent yogurt like product

Until recently I had only tried the low fat varieties. Even though it's more expensive than the brand I used to get (which I was happy with) I switched to this because it's organic. The taste is pretty good and close to the real yogurt I was used to from back home (it's rather sour that is). However, I find that all the other flavors (franch vanilla etc) are too sweet for my taste. Recently I decided to try the whole milk variety, which has a cream top. Basically I was curious whether it would be like the yogurt I grew up with. Well, it's not, but it's still pretty good considering the options out there. The cream top has a strong fat smell and taste, that some people might not like...
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yo baby


Pros: great tasting

Cons: pricey

My son loves the yo's actually worth the price. He doesnt like the taste of anything other then yo baby except dan active.

Love this yogurt!


Pros: Great taste

Cons: A little more expensive than others

 My whole family loves this yogurt!!  It has become the only brand that we will eat!

good stuff

We eat this all the time, it is very good.  My favorite yogurt. 



Pros: Tasts great, has nothing artificial, no HFCS's, no growth hormones

Several years ago, in my search for products made without HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup) I came across this yogurt and decided to try it.  I instantly fell in love with it.  The flavor varieties are great and I love the cream on the top.  But, most of all, I love that there are no growth hormones, no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

The greatest yoghurt in the US??


Pros: Wonderful company, organic taste, range of flavours, no gelatin

Stonyfield Farms appear to be an excellent company. They make organic products, they donate 10% of their profits to organizations that are trying to protect and restore the natural environment, they actively try to reduce their GHG emissions, and it sounds like they are doing all kinds of other wonderful things. They also make bloody good yogurt! They have a range of flavors available in fat free, low fat, and whole milk options. You can buy small pottles or large tubs. Some have a generous amount of real fruit on the bottom, others have double calcium, and one or two taste more like pudding than yogurt! My personal favorites are the fat-free blackberry, fruit on the bottom strawberry,...
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Amazing on many levels


Pros: Delicious, vegetarian (no gelatin), all C02 emissions offset, they use solar energy to create their products, they donate 10% of their profits

Cons: NONE

First off, Stonyfield is a wonderful company- they are a shining example of industry done right. Secondly- this is the best yogurt EVER.  They have a huge range of flavors, some with real fruit at the bottom to mix in, and they are incredibly delicious. Third- some have double calcium!  I know this is an issue for many women, so  that's a great option.  Fourth- this is one of the few brands of yogurt that have large tubs available in flavors other than plain and vanila.  You can get strawberry or banilla (banana/vanilla) in the big containers. I really cannot say enough good things about Stonyfield's yogurt- go try some!  There are even coupons available on their website.  Also, they...
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