Stewi Lift Ceiling Dryer


Pros: fits in standard bathtub stall, convenient to use, reliable

Cons: studs needed for mounting, molly bolts are not enough

 I've used this in my bathroom for drying most of my clothes. It saves space, is convenient to use & easily pulls up against the ceiling & out of the way. My bathroom has high ceilings. I wouldn't use this if my ceiling was of an average height. Molly bolts worked for about 5 years, then I moved it to the basement to bolt directly into some studs. The molly bolts worked but became loose after about 5 years time. 


This is such a fantastic space saver. 

Stewi Lift Ceiling Dryer

Ceiling mounted clothes drying rack with 60 feet of clothesline. Can be lowered or raised up to 3.6 feet.

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