Stewart+Brown Mongolian Cashmere Patch Pointelle Scarf

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Stewart+Brown Mongolian Cashmere Patch Pointelle Scarf

Stewart+Brown uses only the finest Mongolian cashmere. They obtain their fibers exclusively from cashmere herders who live in a remote and rugged region of northwestern Mongolia because the laws of nature dictate that the colder, dryer and windier the climate, the better the cashmere.  Stewart+Brown are the sole company in North America that uses ONLY Mongolian resources to produce its cashmere collection. By keeping all aspects of their cashmere production exclusively in Mongolia they provide nomadic Mongolian herders with the resources necessary to sustain their centuries old heritage and ultimately their survival.    * 100% mongolian cashmere    * Made in mongolia    * Hand wash with shampoo and conditioner    * Alternating stitched patches with contrast seams

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