Steaz Energy Drink


Pros: Caffeinated, fair trade

Cons: too many flavors

I respect the lengths that Steaz is going to in terms of using exclusively organic and fair trade ingredients, and I'm told their other stuff is great, but the Orange Organic Fuel  is just too much.


There's green tea flavor, Yerba Mate, Acai, Guarana, slight carbonation, then orange flavoring to top it all off. Other than saying "THANKS" for the morning caffiene boost, my body has no idea what to make of this smorgasbord of flavors.


I'll try out some of the other types in hopes that they're more subtle...


I actually tried every form of Steaz there is. Most if not all are available at Whole Foods. My favorite energy drink from Steaz is the Orange and Lime energy drinks. Energy drinks out there like Monster, Fuel, Red Bull aren't that appealing to me nor do I like the taste. I'm definitely not an energy drinker, but I do drink quite a few of Steaz energy drinks (I treat them like soda). Personally, the diet berry energy flavor is defintely something I won't try twice. But try the other steaz drinks - they are all organic, fair trade, and all tea leaves are from Sri Lanka.


Pros: Organic, vegan, gives you a little boost

Cons: Orange flavor taste like funky orange soda

So I really like Steaz as a company.  I think they're great.  Sadly, the Steaz orange energy drink just isn't so great.  It's okay.  It's not totally undrinkable.  But it just tastes a little funky...and like kind of intense orange soda.  It's a little sparkling...but it's just...odd.  It gives you a tad bit of an energy boost and doesn't leave you jittery.  But it just wasn't very tasty.

Steaz Energy Drink

Steaz Energy comes in berry, orange, lime, and diet. Steaz Energy is: - made with fair trade certified organic Ceylon Green Tea, guayaki yerba mate, guarana, no high fructose corn syrup - all natural - 100% vegan

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