Stash Premium Organic Tea Reviews



 i've had stash teas on many occasions (during college, the on-campus outdoor cafe only carried stash teas; one of the places i work now only has stash).  also, when left with no option a few times, i bought a pack (chamomile). there are a few things not to love...the primary two for me are that 1) the flavors leave much to be desired (both in terms of variety and how they taste -- to me, somewhat artificial), and 2) the tea always tastes so...watery!  i guess it's just that the herbs/spices in the tea bag aren't strong enough to flavor the water. overall, not a fan.



Pros: not bad

Cons: individually bagged, mild flavor

 The flavor just is not that exciting or worth talking about. Which is probably why I'm writing the first review.  I love tea. Right now I'm big on Mighty Leaf teas, Traditional Medicinals, and a variety of loose leafs that I keep in the "tea" drawer. Yes, a full drawer of tea. It's wonderful. Anyway, I got a box of the Stack's Breakfast Tea (I'm not sure if that was exactly what they called it. Whatever their basic black tea blend is...) I mean, I did drink the whole lot of the bags (with a dab of honey and some cream) but I won't buy it again. I've had a few black teas with a much more robust flavor. I think it got it based on the Organic status in combination with the low price. I...
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