Spray-All Spray Bottle

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Spray-All Spray Bottle

Finally a Bottle that Uses ALL the Contents! The Spray-All spray bottle uses innovative engineering in the blow-mold process to reshape the base of the bottle to ensure almost ALL of the liquid contents of the bottle are evacuated. In fact the only remaining liquid is a miniscule amount that accounts for the residue left on the sides of the bottle due to surface tension and occaisionally a few droplets that remain in the spray tube. Saves time, money, and resources. For manufacturers of liquid cleaners this will allow the consumer to use more of the product, reduces the number of bottles that go into the waste stream, and keeps unwanted liquid chemicals out of the landfill. For consumers. If you mix your own cleaners, using this bottles keeps you form having to refill the bottle as frequently because it uses almost ALL the liquid contents. Reduces the frustration of having to refill the bottle when there is still plenty of product left in the bottle. This is one of those simple and common sense innovations that fixes a small yet widespread problem. It's one of those things where a little multiplied by a lot can really make a difference for the consumer and the environment.

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