Splendide WD2100 Combination Reviews


Splendide Washer Dryer Combo WD2100


Pros: compace, efficient, space saving, well made

Cons: drying seems to be a little slower than normal?

My mother bought it for a new summer home and then ended up selling the home right after that. She researched it heavily and was happy with her limited use (she only used it one or two time before needing to seel the house).  Sleek Italian design. This compact laundry center is easy to operate and has 9 advanced wash programs, including an express wash option that lets you wash lightly soiled fabrics 40 percent faster; 7 water temps; 3 dry programs; auto balance system; 1200 RPM high spin. Switches automatically from wash to dry and has 20 percent faster spinning speeds than past models, to optimize drying performance. Other features include a delay timer, state of the art self...
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