Spark Electric Vehicle Zotye


Pros: would be great if the company delivered

Cons: company didn't deliver, filed for bankruptcy

It turns out that the man behind Spark-EV (Michael Papp) was arrested for failing to deliver purchased EVs, and then filed for bankruptcy. So Spark-EV promised to have the first affordable highway speed EV available in North America and completely failed to deliver.

What a scam.

Spark Electric Vehicle Zotye

The Zotye is North America's first First Affordable Full-Speed Electric Vehicle. It's a fully electric SUV with a top speed of 75 mph, range of 110 miles per charge, and MSRP of $25,000. Unfortunately its demand immediately exceeded supply, so the Zotye is currently only available as built-to-order. Additionally, the man behind Spark-EV was arrested for failing to deliver EVs, and is filing for bankruptcy.

Engine45kW Nominal, 85kW Max
Additional Features3000+ cycle battery life
Fuel TypeFully electric
Miles per Charge110+
Body TypeSUV
EV Type
Top Speed75 mph (programmable)
Release DateApril 2008
Release StatusLimited Release
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC