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SoyCrete Concrete Stain by Ecoprocote


Pros: None!

Cons: Too many- read my review

My husband and I just got done building our house. We wanted stained concrete floors, and to be environmentally responsible. In April, we spent a total of $966 on SoyCrete samples, stains, sealer, and EcoEtch. And we spent six weeks total prepping the floors, staining, taking the stain off, and trying over and over to get the stain to penetrate into the concrete. It just wouldn't work. The sealer didn't seal our concrete countertops either. The company won't allow me to return the faulty product for a refund either.
When finally gave up and used an acid stain, we had wonderful results. Too bad we had to go through such a nightmare, but I can fully appreciate the acid stain now.


Pros: Appears to look good as we apply it

Cons: Manufacturer and Seller don't know how to advise homeowner DIYer

I say it MUST be a good product, but we are in the middle of a 30 Sq. Ft. countertop application - without the stain, and so far it is a baptism by fire - with no advising water from the Manufacturer or the Seller.

Manufacturer and Seller assume that the user knows all about this product and how to apply it. Foolish assumption! "Mix to consistency desired" is of NO HELP. No pot-life is given. Concrete particles are so coarse that settlement occurs - with no caveat to mix during the application. This is NOT Thin-Set consistency.

Access to the Manufacturer's Site is a pain on the weekends because it is intended ONLY for the Seller and is password protected. And it doesn't help when my Seller appears not really to know the product - to the extent that there was no word that a Sealer would be required at the end. This might seem to be obvious, but if you don't do this every day for a living, a little heads up ahead of time would be a help especially when the seller is 30 miles away from Edgewood NM in Albuquerque.

And while I'm at it, this Review Window is NOT ready for prime time - with no ability to spell check easily.

If this product is to be touted for counter use, I submit that few houses have 200 Sq. Ft. of counter space - the minimum package size sold.

But, of course, this begs a final question. Is that 200 Sq. Ft. coverage intended if one uses two units of Concrete Powder to one of the Polymer, or is it intended to cover that area with TWICE as many units (four) with one unit of Polymer. This is the range the Manufacturer recommends.

Whether or not I get a response to this admitted rant will determine if the Manufacturer REALLY reads these comments.


Pros: none

Cons: Too many to list

Last year we purchase 6 gallons of stain and 2 gallons of sealer. The first try the whole walkway peeled up after 24 hours. We called the company and they said we applied it to thick. So we had to pressure wash the whole thing, WHAT A MESS!! We tried again is seemed to take but after 1 year the stain had worn away in several areas and is very spotted. It didn't hold up in weather at all. I feel terrible because I had convinced some friends to use this product and their entrance looks the same, spotty and worn away. We're extremely disappointed and would no longer recommend this product to anyone.


Pros: True sustainable building materials. Ease of use.

Cons: Need to determine surface prep that all penetrating stains need

Great product must know the basics of using penetrating stains ie. must absorb into the concrete or wood not "paint it".  Non toxic, eco friendly and made from reclaimed materials.  Everything available in 2oz samples for testing out.
SoyCrete Concrete Stain by Ecoprocote

SoyCretetm Architectural Concrete Stain Description: SoyCretetm is the world's leading bio-based semi-transparent penetrating concrete stain technology that outperforms all other decorative concrete stain products. The advanced chemical engineering with a patented soy ester modified dispersion technology, provides designers, installers, and end-users unparalled durability, sustainability, and decorative style. It is a green building compliant, non-hazardous, ultra-low VOC, acid-free, decorative concrete stain that provides the variegated look of acid stain, but with more consistency, control, flexibility, ease of use, and faster installation time without sacrificing performance integrity. Allows professional decorative concrete artisans to create designs and colorization never before possible. Choose the preferred acid stain alternative! Used for: Decorative Concrete Floors, Masonry Walls, Natural Stone, Landscapes, Hardscapes, Pool Decks, Patio�s, Garage Floors, Tilt-Up Walls, Plaster Walls, Adobe, Rammed Earth, Stucco, Drywall, Concrete Art, Etc. Features: Bio-Based Technology Non-Hazardous Acid-Free Rapidly Renewable Resource Ultra-Low VOC <25 g/l Virtually Odorless Will Not Chip Will Not Flake Will Not Peel 100% Solids Pigment-Zero VOC Does Not Alter Surface Friction Creates Natural Color Variations Mildew Resistant Efflorescence Resistant Water Resistant UV Resistant Stain Resistant Hot Tire Pickup Resistant Predictable Colorization Drastic Reduction in Install Time Extremely Versatile Unlimited Design Capability Diverse Color Palette Easy Stenciling or Scoring True Penetrating Stain Easily Repairable Easy Soap & Water Cleanup

Additional Features
ColorSandstone, Adobe, Desert Mountain, Espresso, Natural Beige, Desert Sand, Terracotta, Leather Brown, Sedona Red, Burgandy Wine, Agusta Green, Carribiean Blue, White, Concrete Gray, Charcoal Black, Black Granite
Green Seal CertifiedGreen Building LEED Compliant
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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