Soy Soft Organic SoyBaby Butters


Pros: Great customer service and on time delivery.

Loved the fact that products are made on demand thus ensuring freshness. Plse note that prices are in Canadian Dollars.

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Soy Soft Organic SoyBaby Butters

At Soy Soft™, we know that your skin is important to you. Therefore, keeping it healthy and helping the planet and its people is important to us. Our skin care products offer an alternative to mass-produced skin care lines currently on the market. Our products are all natural, containing only organic and fair trade ingredients without chemicals (including pesticides and petroleum byproducts), which means no dyes, perfumes or preservatives. This ensures the finest quality is delivered to you, and you’ll feel good about helping families in the developing world too. SoyBaby™ Butters: $14.99 Ea. Just for baby's delicate skin-both butters are lightweight and ultra-moisturizing. Apply the Lavender Lullabye Baby Butter after bath to keep skin baby soft. The soft lavender scent will help baby to relax and drift off to dreamland. Use the Shea-r Silk Bum Butter to treat and prevent diaper rash. Contains Sea Buckthornberry Extract, a natural plant derivative which helps heal wounds with carotinoids, tocopherols and vitamin A. Lavender Lullabye Baby Butter Shea-r Silk Bum Butter

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