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Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7 Residential Wind Generator Reviews

Positive Reviews


Skystream 3.7 in Northern Ohio


Pros: The Skystream runs in very low winds and can interconnect with your local utility, so there is no need for a battery room.

Cons: Few software issues and customer service have caused the system trouble.

Over all I am extremely happy with my Skystream 3.7. I installed it in back in September of last year 2007. Initially I had a problem that arose two months after I installed it. It had a software problem that shut the machine down for over a month and a half, but Southwest Wind Power switched it out with a new Skystream turbine and it has been running great ever since. I installed the Skystream myself and it was relatively easy. Although if you don't have an over all knowledge of wiring and access to heavy equipment for moving and erecting the tower and installing the foundation I would advise having the dealer install it. The complete installation of the system on a 45'...
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Sparky spins!!


Pros: affordable, reliable, well designed and built, quiet

Cons: will not get you off grid. Concrete, pole, and wiring add up quickly

We installled Sparky in January and love the job he is doing. Southwest makes good equipment and their dealers seem to be easy to work with on the installs. We are even considering buying a second. Watch out for the price of the pole, anchors, concrete, and wiring - that will add another $5k to your investment. HINT: Forego the handheld meter from Southwest and buy a wall mounted meter from an electric supply store instead.

Turbine for Research Project


Pros: Plug-In Ready

Cons: Only 1.9 kW rated

I'm using this turbine for a research project, and have been testing and tinkering with it. The company did a great job designing this turbine. There aren't any flaws in the design. Its a good value for all the features built into it.

Negative Reviews


Skystream 3.7


Pros: none

Cons: bad investment

I purchased twoSkystream  3.7 units with 33' mono pole 14 months ago. I had the company I purchased them from do all installation. I complained after six months that my electric bill had increased not decreased. They put a seperate meter at the two towers and in 9 months they have produced 1800 kwh of electricity., not enough two run a cabin must less a house. At the rate there producing God want live long enough to recoup $26,000.00.

Watch out for this windturbine and others on the market


Pros: Fancy advertising, apparent bid power

Cons: poor design, no customer support faulty product

 People please check out the link below before you purchase from SWWP.  Research every renewable energy product you buy. Make sure you look in the groups and forum pages. The SWWP wind turbines are now being made in CHINA after the goverment gave them stimulus money, feels kind of like a slap in the face.

skystream 3.7


Pros: A tall Yard Ornament

Cons: 44 kwh production in average 8 MPH wind

The dealer installed the Skystream 3.7 on a 50' pole. I could not bring it on-line after installation. SWWP told me it was my computers problem... I complained about poor KWh output with in 6 month. Utility provider has problems adjusting the power in reference to the Turbine. Had my own meter installed. Poor customer service from SWWP. 10.1020 continued to complain to the point that on 06.04.2010 a new Turbine was installed, Again not able to monitor the Turbine on the computer; the dealer tried to bring it on-line repeatedly, no luck it took two weeks for a new radio. Again no luck to monitor the Turbine. Some thing else has to be shipped. That was two weeks ago...   My meter tells me...
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More Reviews


I Love my Skystream!


Pros: Easy to maintain, quiet, attractive, and exciting!

I really love my Skystream! I love it so much I have started my own business to help my neighbors purchase and install their own Skystream. I think there should be one per home!

new wind turbine by Honeywell

I will have to admit that I was horrible disappointed in the talk about the Skysteam.  I was hoping to build a new house in the next two years with the best green energy ideas as I could find or afford.  Then, I was given new hope when I saw a recent Popular Mechanics magazine in a doctors office.  They wrote a decent piece on the new wind turbine by Honeywell.  The design technology sounds really sound to me.  I cannot wait to see how this thing really performs in the real world market.  check it out: or at



Pros: Great if it WORKED

Cons: Need answers to to questions

Since 05/2009 Sky Stream 3.7 has produced about 2800 kWh in an area rated 10-12 Mph wind.   Factory and Dealer support is slow at best.          
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