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Soopsori Wooden Toys


Pros: wooden, finished with natural oils, beautiful, handmade

Cons: made in Korea (but they're looking into getting a warehouse in the US to cut down on the carbon footprint), a little on the pricy side

I haven't gotten a chance to play with all of the Soopsori wooden toys but I wouldn't pass up the chance to.  After playing tea party with the play chef set and rolling around the wooden cars (which also double nicely as massage rollers), I can safely say that even though I'm over the age of 5, Soopsori toys just make you want to play.  


First, since they're made out of sustainably harvested wood and finished with natural oils (Osmo clear oil is certified in Europe for safe use on kids' toys), they're a great alternative to the plastic junk out there.  They're also incredibly durable but also 100% recyclable since they're not made with bolts or paints.  They're also made with different kinds of wood which give them different colors and textures - and they're just plain beautiful. cool is a wooden carrot that can be split into two pieces as long as you pull a bit harder than the magnet that keeps them together?


While I don't have kids of my own, I did get to field test both the chef set and the cars at a Palo Alto preschool...and they were a huge hit.  Boys and girls alike wanted to take turns frying the eggs and pushing around the cars.  And parents even asked about where they could find them.


The only drawback is they're a little expensive.  But for a special occassion, it's worth it to get such beautifully handcrafted toys.  Not to mention...these are really the kind of toys you keep forever.  I definitely recommend them and will certainly be getting some to give as birthday presents.

Soopsori Wooden Toys

‘Soopsori’ makes top-quality, eco-friendly wooden toys. ‘Soopsori’ is much more of a public corporation chasing a common good than a commercial company. We here at ‘Soopsori’ provide you with lifelong memories in addition to wooden toys. As a result, we aim to dedicate ourselves to practicing an honest and reasonable management style. In order to realize this philosophy, we share our profits with environmental NGOs, as a company we feel socially responsible for contributing to a more eco-friendly society. From lumbers that are not taken artificially to making products without any chemical paints, we are aiming to build for an environmentally-secure future. This is our primary objective. Recyclable materials All the Soopsori products are 100% recyclable because we only use natural wood without using bolts or paintings. Also the package can be reused 100% since it does not contain unnecessary decoration or harmful surface coating. Made of natural materials Each wood has its unique color and texture depending on its species. Even the similar kinds of wood have distinguishing features depending on climate and soil. Soopsori has carefully selected 20 types of natural wood to manufacture the natural featured toys. Eco-Living A report says that antibiotic effect of tree is helpful for curing children’s skin irritation and developing good sensibility. Are your children impatient, insecure or destructive? Then Let them play with Soopsori’s nature friendly toys. You will see the huge changes in your kids. As they feel the natural color, texture, and touch of our products, they will be warmer hearted, more patient, and creative. Also unlike the color-painted toys, our toys are not only safer but also have the natural scent of tree because the natural wood is still alive and breaths although it is manufactured. A certain percentage of our profit is donated to plant tree in third world Safe finishing Considering our kids’ safety, we very carefully handcraft the last process not to make any edges of the toys. Moreover, our toys are finally finished with linseed oil. As you can see, we only use natural materials from the start to the end. Eco-manufacturing Recycling all the sawdust and other remains No harmful wastes for environment No uses of color painting or toxic chemicals

Additional Features
TypeBlocks or building
Release Date
Age Range2 to 4 Years
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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