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Smart Home 2470D SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Incandescent Dimmer (Non-Communicating)

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Smart Home 2470D SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Incandescent Dimmer (Non-Communicating)

# Easy to install # Natural high-quality feel, compared to other brands # Adjustable dimming and fade on/off feature # Attractive LED bar indicates dim level and brightness SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer (Non-Communicating) — The Ultimate NON-INSTEON/X10 Dimmer Take everything you've ever learned about dimmer switches and throw it out the window because the Non-Communicating SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer is a sleek, Decora-style switch with dozens of advanced features that other dimmer switches don't even come close to offering - including memory. True Rocker Action & Beautiful, High Quality Construction Unlike other switches, the SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer offers the natural feel of high-end switches: tap the top to turn lights on, tap the bottom to turn lights off. Other switches only respond to pressing the bottom. You'll also love the crisp, tactile response with each touch, instead of the mushy feeling of other brands. The SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer is designed and manufactured to high-end specifications and goes through over 10 quality-control tests. Adjustable Fade Rate You can adjust the rate at which the light turns on or off, also known as the ramp rate. For example, you may want the light in the stairwell to turn on instantly so you can see where you're walking. Conversely, you may want the light in the master bathroom to ramp up in a soft, gentle fashion so you're not blinded in the middle of the night. The ramp rate is adjustable between 0.1 seconds and 9 seconds. Brightness Indicator Bar You can adjust the brightness level locally by pressing and holding the top or bottom of SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer. An elegant brightness bar of 8 LEDs indicates the current brightness of the light being controlled. This can be exceptionally helpful when it is difficult to see the light being controlled (e.g. outside or behind closed doors). This modern, Decora-style switch will blend with any room's design. To match your room's décor, an SwitchLinc Light Pipe Kit, 4-Color is available with four colors: red, blue, amber, and green. Customizable Paddle Colors A white paddle is included, but additional paddle colors are available and sold separately. Choose the color that best suits your room's decor: Ivory, Almond, Black, Brown, or Grey. Two paddles are included in each color-change set. Night/Status Light A small, subtle white LED at the bottom of the brightness bar makes it easy to find in a dark room. Easy to Install and Set Up The Non-Communicating SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer wires in like a standard wall switch with an additional connection to the neutral wire. Note: The SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer does not support multi-way installations. If you want to control a light from two different locations, use the INSTEON SwitchLinc Dimmer instead. Double Tap Double tap of top brings light to full on fast while a double tap of the bottom turns lights off fast. Low Voltage/Ceiling Fan Control SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmers can control low-voltage halogen (e.g. track) or other low-voltage lights. (Note: works with most magnetic and dimmable electronic transformers.) The SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer can even control your ceiling fan. (Note: some motors may produce a subtle humming sound.) Power Failure Features All SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are not lost during power failures. Additionally the SwitchLinc will return to its last brightness level upon a power restore. 2-Year Warranty SmartLabs stands behind the entire SwitchLinc line of products with a full 2-year warranty. Safety Testing and Factory Certification All SwitchLinc products are safety approved. The assembly line for SmartLabs Design Products is ISO9002 certified. In order to meet the ISO 9002 standards, the entire factory underwent rigorous inspections of procedures and policies before being thoroughly audited. The certification received was based on its dedication to high quality management systems and strict adherence of quality systems and guidelines. Need a Wall Plate? Don't forget to order a matching wall plate for each SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer.

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