2008 smart fortwo pure Reviews


Test drove a smart car


Pros: cute; comfortable; fun; did I mention cute???

Cons: mixed reviews on safety; gas mileage not as good as you would think

We are on the waiting list for this car and test drove it. The car was supposed to be available the first quarter of 2008; however, we have heard from Smartfortwo and the car that we configured will not be available until September of 2008. We test drove this car last summer because our daughter had seen it in Europe and fell in love with it. It was a lot roomier than we expected and it felt like you were in a normal-sized car. It is so cute and one of the features is you can pop off the panels to change the color of the car - how original is that?? We thought the gas mileage would be better than it was and we are a little concerned about the safety - we have seen conflicting reports...
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