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Slant-Fin XL-2000 Oil-Fired Boiler

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Slant-Fin XL-2000 Oil-Fired Boiler

Robust performance at an economy price The high-efficiency XL-2000 oil-fired boiler is computer designed to reduce fuel bills and provide years of dependable service. Its advanced combustion technology provides superb performance under a wider range of operating conditions. Installer-friendly features simplify installation and set-up. The XL-2000 boiler is designed for high efficiency hot water heating only, so it is less expensive than oil boilers configured to meet multiple system types. Robust, high-performance heat exchanger The XL-2000 wet base heat exchanger is symmetrical and promotes a clean burning stable flame that resists changes in any operating conditions. The wet-base, wet-back boiler sections are filled with water, on the sides, bottom and back of the combustion area. The wide, low-profile of the heat exchanger sections provides an unobstructed flue path with exceptionally low draft loss for better performance and reduced soot buildup. This boiler will not suffer from inefficient combustion and soot buildup when setup conditions are changed by cold oil, cold air or changes in chimney draft. Quality assured The XL-2000 boiler’s cast-iron design is recognized by heating professionals everywhere as the longest lasting, most durable heat exchanger material. The cast-iron heat exchanger is assembled with durable metal push nipples. Specially shaped thermal pins promote efficient heat transfer. For reliability, every burner is fully combustion tested and fine tuned in the factory for optimal performance. Final adjustments are made by the installer, based on the unique chimney draft conditions of each individual house. XL-2000 boilers are so reliable, they are backed by a lifetime limited warranty. Easy to install and maintain for like-new performance XL-2000 Oil Boiler - CloseupThe XL-2000 boiler is “service friendly”. Virtually 100% of heat exchanger surfaces are flue brush accessible to maintain the high heat transfer characteristics of the boiler’s cast-iron thermal pins. The easy-off flue collector can be quickly and repeatedly removed and put back into place with fiberglass rope seal. The burner door swings open for routine servicing. It also lifts off, making it easy to move the boiler to its installation location.

Additional Features
Fuel Rating (AFUE)86.0
Fuel TypeOil
Boiler TypeWater
Energy Input91 - 280 MBH
Energy Output
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Eco Friendly Home › Heating & Cooling › Boilers › Slant-Fin XL-2000 Oil-Fired Boiler