Skin Revival by Grateful Body

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Skin Revival by Grateful Body

2oz. 'For dull, lifeless or colorless skin' Sublime sustenance! An invigorating tonic mist that stimulates circulation and energizes life force in tired skin to bring vitality and healthy color back to your complexion. Many environmental circumstances, including the intensifying presence of synthetic chemicals, present a terrific burden on our bodies. One of the first places for the effects of these stressors to show up is the skin. Even incidental occurrences such as a long plane flight, a fight with the flu or emotional flare-ups can result in tired, lackluster skin - skin that lacks color, looks gray and fatigued. Through regular use, Skin Revival can fortify and strengthen your complexion in a gentle and sustained way through the use of time-honored botanicals. Three of the many beneficial ingredients are . . . Rhodiola - For centuries the 'arctic root' has been used by the northern Europeans, especially the Scandinavians, as an adaptogen. Well, what is an adaptogen? In a nutshell, it is a supportive botanical that helps whenever you are exposed to a stressor of some kind. So this beautiful perennial, with its seasonal yellow flowers, has delightful anti-stress, anti-mutagen, anti-depressive and anti-aging properties. For our purposes, this root, with its complex assortment of biologically active compounds, helps the skin increase resistance to fatigue, stress and the many chemical, environmental and physical stressors it may be exposed to. Holy Basil - Ayurveda, which means 'knowledge of life' in Sanskrit, reminds us that plants are 'givers of happiness.' Well, happy are we that the 'Incomparable One', as holy basil or tulsi is known, is available to us. Widely loved for its health promoting and medicinal value, the phytochemistry of holy basil is extremely complex. Known to possess strong antioxidant, adaptogenic and immune-enhancing properties, along with hundreds of other beneficial compounds, holy basil helps the skin stay healthy and supple, resist stress, get rid of waste matter within the tissues and purify the dermal physiology from environmental toxins and pollutants. For this, we give thanks to tulsi, the "mother of medicine." Gotu Kola - The small, instantly recognizable fan-shaped leaves of this creeping vine, found in tropical areas world-wide, have evoked gratitude and praise from wise women and healers for thousands of years. Its reputation for promoting longevity and overcoming stress and fatigue have been confirmed time and time again by clinical analysis which shows that gotu kola contains not only triterpenoids, but also hundreds of other beneficial phytochemicals shown to aid in wound healing, restoring weakened skin, supporting connective tissue and stimulating collagen synthesis. This bodes well for your skin, helping you to achieve positive results in the form of a brighter, rosier and more radiant complexion. USAGE: Mist or pat onto the skin after cleansing. Follow with your favorite Grateful Body serum and moisturizer. Re-apply Skin Revival as often as desired during the day.

Size2 oz
Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database Rating1
Ingredientsorganic infusion of: astragalus, licorice root, siberian ginseng, gotu kola, holy basil; organic tincture of: suma root, ashwagandha, rhodiola, fo ti, american ginseng; organic aloe vera leaf juice; organic peppermint hydrosol, organic maitake mushroom extract, organic cordyceps mushroom extract, organic grapefruit peel extract, organic gooseberry extract, organic cypress essential oil, organic sweet orange essential oil, organic hyssop essential oil, organic spikenard essential oil, organic spearmint essential oil, organic nutmeg essential oil, organic lemongrass essential oil, organic ylang ylang essential oil, organic schisandra CO2, organic millet seed CO2, organic rice bran extract, organic gum Arabic, organic vitamin C from camu camu
Percent Organic100%
Percent Natural100%
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