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Sjaak's Organic Chocolate


Pros: organic, made in California, family owned company

Cons: not all chocolates are equally rich

I've tried a number of the Sjaak's Organic Chocolate bars now...and I have a few more at home waiting for a chocolate craving to strike.  So let's see, I think I've tried the chocolate/almond kind, the chocolate/carmel kind, the chocolate/mint kind, and the 70% extra dark chocolate.  I thought the 70% dark was the richest and creamiest.  I think of all those kinds, it was my favorite.  The chocolate/mint is like the bar form of a Junior Mint.  The chocolate/almond was another good one, but I think I'd probably pass on the chocolate/caramel one in the future.


Pros: organic, fair trade, CHOCOLATE =)

Cons: espresso bar not-so-hot

 I REALLY want to try the bar with almonds, or just the plain dark chocolate one. I sampled the espresso bar and ... I'm not excited to polish it off WHICH says a lot for me and my relationship with chocolate. 


I totally love that it is organic and fair trade - but Sjaak's may have missed the mark with their espresso conquest.


First off - it was a tad sweet for my chocolate tooth, but I can get over that if everything else pulls through. Unfortunately, the main problem I had was with the espresso part. The other espresso chocolate experiences I have had included whole espresso beans within the bar. I remain undecided as to whether I like that or not. I was kind of excited for the possibility that this may not be the case here - however, the execution fell short. Instead of an ideal, truffle-like texture it was more of an espresso gel which I do not enjoy. It was just a little too weird for me. This may be the source of the extra sweetness, as well. Not quite sure.


In any case, I would like to try a plain and simple dark chocolate bar or the one with almonds as I am a HUGE fan of the nut. I will update my review when that happy day arrives...


Pros: Fair trade, organic

Despite the fact that we had Sjaak's samples at the Taste of Green event - I was running 'round a bit too much to partake, so we procured some more.


After just wolfing down a bar of the dark chocolate with almonds (see pics above) and also having a piece of a dark chocolate with caramel, I'm sated and only wish I had found some time to have a peanut butter cup at the event.


I respect brands going the extra mile to be organic and fair trade - it's also great to see that taste doesn't have to suffer as a result. Thanks Sjaak's!


Pros: delicious, chocolate, not too sweet not too bitter

Cons: is there such a thing for chocolate

I was pleasently surprised but the subtle taste of this dark chocolate delicious bar of goodness - especially since it is 70% dark.  It was hardly bitter and definitely didn't leave any weird aftertaste.


Would this be my chocolate bar of choice?  Let's be honest, I'm not picky at all when it comes to my sweet tooth.  I wouldn't put this in my top ten, but as far as organic, veagan treats go, this would be my number one.


Pros: organic, fair trade

Cons: price

I recently tried the dark chocolate and the chocolate with peanut butter samples.  I really enjoyed the chocolate and peanut butter sample--peanut butter junkies here is your heads up.  I am always searching for good fair trade chocolate and this one is right up there.


Most of the time organic chocolate doesn't do it for me. It tends to be chalky and kinda Hershey-like. The dark chocolate is far from Hershey, but it's still missing the delicacy of those expensive designer chocolates I'll never be able to afford. Regardless, this is certainly the best organic chocolate I've had. If you're denying that you still eat non-organic chocolate (it's harder to kick than crack), than this is a good product to bring out for your organic woo-woo friends while you're chowing down on the $12 truffle you hid in the lamp shade.

Sjaak's Organic Chocolate

Sjaak's Organic Chocolates offers 14 delicious chocolate bars. Enjoy these delectable divine chocolates yourself or give them as a gift, they make great stocking stuffers too. Available in: Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Almond, Raspberry Truffle, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Milk Chocolate with Almond Butter, Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate with Creamy Caramel, Dark Chocolate with Creamy Caramel, Dark Chocolate with Espresso, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry, Extra Dar 70% Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Mint, Dark Chocolate with Green Tea

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