Simple Shoes 'Satire' Hemp Eco Sneaks

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Pros: good fit, durable

I wore these sneaks around town on a trip to Phoenix, and they were great casual walking shoes. The shoelaces come loose every once in a while, but it's no problem to stop and retie them. They're comfortable for kicking around and long-distance walking, although you may want to add supports if you have foot issues. (I don't, so they're fine without them for me.)


Plus, they're ridiculously cute in green.


I'm waiting for the warmer spring weather so I can wear mine more often!

Simple Shoes 'Satire' Hemp Eco Sneaks

Simple uses sustainable textiles such as  recycled plastics, organic cotton, cork, hemp, jute, bamboo, recycled tires and inner tubes,  natural rubber crepe, latex and felted wool to make their shoes.  In addition, they respect internationally recognized human rights and environmental standards and place them at the core of their business practices.    * Your new favorite sneaker, now available in hemp.    * Hemp uppers    * Organic cotton linings    * PET laces and PET pedbeds    * Yes, that outsole used to be a car tire    * Vulcanized rubber sidewall, toecap, and heelcap    * 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms * The bottom of these shoes used to be tires that rolled around on an axle that was connected to a car. Given the inherent nature of use like this, some of the shoe bottoms (i.e. tires) are marked up a little. Sure, we buff them out and put them on the bottom of the shoes, but they still show wear. If you get them and you decide you can't deal with the past life of that particular car tire, we'll take them back, as long as they are in new and unworn condition.

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