Simple Shoes Green Toe 'Toepaz'

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: pretty

Cons: uncomfortable

I really wanted to like these, I love the way they look and was planning on wearing them a lot. Unfortunately they are not as comfortable as they look. I am glad I bought these on sale and didn't pay the full price. I actually bought two pairs because the first one was too small for me, even though it was my size. I should have read the reviews before I bought them. Then I ordered a second pair, since I was determined to make this work (that's how much I like how they look). Alas, the bigger size made things a little better but not great. The shoes are overall loose but really hurt my toes when walking. That is probably because they are rather hard. I am not giving up on them, so I am wearing them on days that I know I am not going to walk a lot and hope that they will become softer with use. However, it is becoming a pain. Recently I bought a pair of Keen shoes in a similar style and they have been comfortable since day 1. This is what shoes should be like!
Simple Shoes Green Toe 'Toepaz'

Simple uses sustainable textiles such as  recycled plastics, organic cotton, cork, hemp, jute, bamboo, recycled tires and inner tubes,  natural rubber crepe, latex and felted wool to make their shoes.  In addition, they respect internationally recognized human rights and environmental standards and place them at the core of their business practices.   *  The women's Toepaz contains no animal byproducts or even regular animal products.   *  Vegan friendly and veggie friendly.   *  Hemp uppers, lined in bamboo   *  Natural latex pedbed with an organic cotton canvas cover   *  Recycled car tire outsole   *  Uses water-based cements   *  100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms   *  Ships in Simple's totally state-of-the-art/back-to-the-future post-consumer recycled box   *  Contains LATEX   *  If you wear a half size, order up a size.

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