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Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great for even the dirtiest jobs!

This brings back memories.  My dad was a car freak, so when I got my first car, he made me wash it all the time.  Even worse, he liked to tell me what I was doing wrong, or which spots I missed.  Simple Green was one of the products that we used.  It works perfect for getting those white letters on sports car tires to shine like new.  We also used it to scrub the floor mats down to bring them back to the original color.  It really is a great product and it will clean anything with the right amount of scrubbing and obsessive compulsive supervision!

Negative Reviews


old timer

 I've had simple green since the early 1990's. Its nice to see that they have lasted and that 'green' isnt all that new. It works great, no complaints.

Strong Scent


Pros: concentrated, effective

Cons: strong unpleasant scent

I bought this from Home Depot years ago in my first attempt at finding a greener cleaner. I didn't know what I was doing and I took the label at face value. I tolerated the scent but my wife couldn't. It is an extremely intense and chemical scent. I stopped using it when I found a certain natural, organic, castille soap that I won't mention by name.

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Good stuff...but not really all that 'Green'


Pros: concentrated, cleaning power

Cons: no ingredient disclosure, skeptical it is eco-friendly

Yes, Simple Green has been around for quite some time and it's quite effective. I now question whether this it's really as eco-friendly as it claims to be. One wiff of the stuff makes me suspicious, and with no ingredients listed even more so. Still, being concentrated helps to cut down on the packaging and it cleans nicely.

Strong cleaner, but borderline green


Pros: Handles tough tasks with ease

Cons: Isn't really the greenest cleaner out there

Sure, it's concentrated and it cleans well. It's greener than most mainstream cleaners, and less toxic. And if that's all that matters to you, go for it. But, it's made with 2-butoxyethanol (though the manufacturer states that the finished product isn't effected by the usual adverse characteristics of products made with 2-butoxyethanol). What it comes down to is that Simple Green's environmental footprint is pretty big, and if you're going to spend the money to buy something green, you might as well go with a product that's healthier.

Pale, pale green


Pros: cleans well and smells great

Cons: It is expensive, and is unnatural.

I prefer vinager, water and a 'clean ' dishsoap mix for almost everything.

Not particularly good


Pros: does clean, smell isn't bad, cheap cost

Cons: cleaning power is quite low, smell isn't pleasant, lower value to match lower price

I first ran into SimpleGreen products in the Army as they were ordered due to their low cost.  Later I tried them in my own homes... never have I been impressed with Simple Green. It will clean, but vinegar spray works better in my experience.  It's only a notch or two up from just using water, honestly. It's smell is not horrible but still a bit unpleasant... and leaves a cloying tone in the air around where it was used for a while. The cost is low, but I found it very much a case of "getting what you paid for".  -And as said, there are other cheaper and better-cleaning options available just in your cooking supplies. If you're in a crunch and need a large amount of cheap cleanser, as we...
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Good Stuff


Pros: Works on most everything

Cons: Can't think of any

Bought this in a gallon bottle of concentrate and mix myself gives a great price lasts about a year for me

Simple Green is great


Pros: Works like a charm on everything, smells great

Cons: Smell is kind of strong before you mix it with water

I've been using Simple Green for many years - first introduced to it when I was involved with youth sports to get unifroms and equipment clean.  Took some home to try it around the house and was amazed, been using it everywhere, ever since.  They have a lot of other products now too, but my favorite is till the original green stuff.  They have a website - where you can see all of their new stuff.  I buy the 1 gallon jug and put it in spray bottles with water.  A gallon lasts a long time!

Perfect for everyday cleaning


Pros: Easy to use - Just mix with water

Cons: Won't pick up every stain

Simple green is an easy to use household cleaner without the smell of bleach or ammonia.  I use it every week in my kitchen and whereever my kids leave their fingerprints in the house.  It will usually pick up anything but stains that have gotten into the finish/paint.  For that, I use baking soda or pumice stone.  Overall, simple green is an effective cleaner the will remove all but the toughest stains and is great in the kitchen or bathroom.

Almost there


Pros: A little less noxious than the convention; has the option of dilution

Cons: Sometimes takes a little extra

A viable alternative to the usual, with the option of diluting. It did seem to take a little extra to disolve some hidden pet messes that were left for "mommy" to find after a few weeks, but I was happy to use it faithfully until...(see another review in this category!)

Simple Green *is* Green


Pros: great scent, biodegradable

Cons: packaging

A friend encouraged me to use Simple Green to get rid of a recent ant invasion -- plain water and vinegar wasn't working. I was surprised to read on the bottle that it is biodegradable and the formula is pretty green, so happily bought some. Short of training my cat to eat the ants (he eats spiders and flies!), Simple Green has been the most effective way to wipe out the ants' chemical trails and keep them out of my kitchen. Just don't use it on glass or mirrors.

Love it


Pros: Easy to use, good value

I have used Simple Green for years. I agree with some of the other users that it has a rather strong scent, but the product is meant to be diluted. You can buy it in "ready-to-use" form and the scent is quite tolerable. I use it for everything and anything. Counter tops, oven, fridge....even the vehicles.
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