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Still some love


Pros: Organic, uses whole soybeans, lots of flavors

Cons: Archer Farms has a better chocolate version

I think Lola is right- if you have not had soy milk before, don't expect it to taste just like cow's milk.  Think of it as a separate beverage, kinda like apple juice vs. orange juice.  But if you don't want dairy milk, Silk is a great choice!  We usually buy chocolate, vanilla, or very vanilla, but have tried the plain and the mocha... The chocolate soy milk is wonderful tasting, but we recently conducted a personal blind taste test, and found Archer Farms chocolate to be indistinguishable in flavor from the Silk, but cheaper and a bit healthier.   We generally use vanilla on our cereal, because we won't drink plain and can't get through the whole carton using it just for cereal.  If you...
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Nutrition 9 out of 10, taste 7 out of 10


Pros: Many flavor to choose, easily available, well-balanced product

Cons: Heavily fortified, to some people that's not natural...

Compared with other major brands, Silk Soymilk is: Low in calories per serving and total fat per serving;Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12 fortified;Significant amount of calcium added;Average amount of Riboflavin (B2); For more information, Here is a side by side comparison and reviews of four major soy milk brands: 8th Continent Original Soy Milk, Organic Valley Original Soy Milk (Organic), EdenSoy Original Soy Milk, and Silk Soymilk Plain.

Negative Reviews


silk soymilk


Pros: Delicious

Cons: Not non-GMO

I have been drinking Silk since to first hit the market.  It is delicious and widely available.  However,as a practicing organic vegetarian, I have found it difficult to find non-GMO, organic choices in soymilk so have had to move on to other options.



Pros: None that I can find.

Cons: Farmers use to clean/give nitrogen to soil. Not intended for human consumption

Farmers use to clean/give nitrogen to soil.  Not intended for human consumption. Just like milk!

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best soymilk i've tried


Pros: actually silky, smooth taste

Great in coffee/espresso. In fact, saves a cup of coffee that's too bitter or just doesn't taste good. I enjoy drinking it plain or in cereal too.   The texture is actually silky, the taste is smooth and there's no weird pre- or after-taste. Better than: Westsoy, Trader Joe's, Soy Dream and other brands I can't remember the names of.



Pros: It tastes silky, fresh, offers organic option, many varieties

Cons: None yet

This is the only soy milk we really like at home-and we have tried many.  I really like the organic one with no sugar my wife likes the one with extra vanilla.

I found out later in life I was lacto-intol


Pros: I think it taste better and richer than milk :) Less fat too

Cons: no cons I know of

Well, I never understood why after I ate cereal my stomach would cramp up and I wouldn't feel very well...I found out for sure @ the age of 20! That I was lactose intolerant. At first I was just going to put up with the bad feeling that milk gave me because I was very close minded at the time and thought anything I haven't already tried and liked would be gross. I got the soy milk just to see if it made me feel any better and it did! It also didn't taste anything like I thought it would (I thought it might taste like skim milk....yeah I'm not a fan of that) But it was creamy and very delicious! I haven't bought regular cow milk again!

Despite the Controversy, I love Silk


Pros: unique soy milk, smooth, delicious taste

Cons: controversial organic standards and questionable origin of soybeans

I can't tolerate cow milk, so am always looking for delicious alternatives. I've tried a lot of other soymilks, but nothing tastes like Silk. When I found out that the Organic Consumers Association was calling for a boycott against Silk in response to its questionable use of the Organic label and the questionable origin of their soybeans, I stopped buying the product and sought out alternative brands. I have to say, though, that the only soymilk I enjoy (at least so far) is Silk. The flavor is subtle and not too sweet. I regularly purchase the vanilla flavor. So, for taste I would give them five stars. For questionable practices, I will give them three. 

Better Than Soymilk!


Pros: Non-Dairy, Lots of varieties to choose from

Cons: Chemically taste

Silk is great, when you're looking for non-dairy alternatives that otherwise aren't easy to find, like dairy-free eggnog. But when it comes to a non-dairy beverage that really tastes great and has some clear health benefits not associated with soy, there's nothing better than that new coconut milk beverage made by So Delicious. For taste, quality, and creaminess, it beats Silk (or any other soy, rice, almond, or hemp beverage) hands down.

Wish it were milk!


Pros: A very good milk substitute

Cons: It isn't milk!

Silk soymilk is a good alternative to milk but I must confess, I love milk!  I especially love the tast of organic milk, however, I do drink some soymilk to cut back on my animal proteins.  It is a very good product and I recommend it. I use it on my cereal and it tastes pretty good.

the chocolate soy milk is awesome


Pros: tastes great, great consistency

Cons: none

I will never drink dairy-based chocolate milk ever again! I simply love the Silk Chocolate Soy Milk. The flavor is wonderfully chocolately, but not overdone. We always keep it on hand.

Saved my Vegetarian Life


Pros: Great taste, protein, B12, etc

 Great taste and flavors.  Since I don't eat meat, eggs and milk, I needed a substitute.  Good sources of protein, iron and especially B12.

Chocolate is as good as the real thing!!!


Pros: tasty, smooth, good chocolate taste, lactose free

Cons: a little pricey, not available in gallon

For anyone who loves chocolate and good chocolate milk...this is the soy milk for you!  I was skeptical at first and had my share of icky chocolate soy.  Upon drinking this, I was immediately hooked!  It's not grainy nor does it have the "fake" taste!  My kids even love it!!!  Plus, it's lactose free so I can drink it and not get sick!  Yea!  Two thumbs way up!  Nice cardboard carton makes it very recyclable.

No Contest


Pros: Zero Beany Taste, Wind Powered Company, Doesn't Taste Like Sugar

Cons: It's not made near me

I just bought a chocolate So Good soy milk because I had a coupon and it was a mistake. I'm a loyal fan of Silk, which has a chocolate version that makes the So Good stuff taste like a sweetened dirty puddle.  Silk's original, vanilla, and chocolate flavours are perfect, especially the omega-3 fortified when it comes to health. They're all fortified somewhat, which is nice. Oh, and it's made from organic soy beans too. Still, I would not recommend the low fat soy in any brand. The taste just goes down hill.