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Sigg Water Bottle

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Pros: convenient, easy to use, pretty, green, safe

Cons: too big for my purse or cup holder

I have been eyeing the Sigg bottles at Whole Foods but couldn't find a design I liked so I've held off.  I'm so glad I did because my kids got me a customized one with my name on it for mother's day.  They bought it from where you can design your own Sigg.  How cool is that?

Other than the prettiness, what I like most about the Sigg is being able to easily take it with you wherever you go.  Although it's too big to fit in my purse, the top has a hole that makes it easy to carry it using my thumb.  The easy on-the-go nature of the Sigg bottle allows me to easily drink my daily 8 glass water - and that was hard for me to do before.


The water tastes much better in the Siggs!  Having used plastic bottles in the past, I can remember tasting something in my water.  I thought that was normal but knowing what I know now, I realize it was leeching.  The water tastes more clear - without any other added taste or scent.  According to the description, the Siggs are a much safer alternative to plastic bottles and very durable. 


I am giving this product two thumbs up.  An eco-friendly product that helps me be healthy, looks stylish and personalized with name (no one can mistakenly take it!), and a gift from my kids...what more can a gal ask for?




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