Shrapps Fabric Gift Wrap


Pros: Quality, long term savngs, green impact, feel-good factor, new traditions

Cons: Up front cost

I saw a stat from the Clean Air Council (here in my hometown of Philly) that holiday gift wrapping generates ***4 MILLION TONS ***  of waste each season and it got me thinking... the whole idea of cutting trees, making paper (a dirty process), shipping it from China, distributing it, and then disposing of it (after just a few hours use sometimes!) is stupid and even offensive to the holiday ethic. 


A few years ago, fed up with the "Christmas Consumer" paradigm, my family adopted the "Secret Santa" paradigm (you draw the name of one other family member and buy a gift for only that person) as a way to reduce consumption and waste. 


Now I am reaching out to my family to propose we give those gifts in cloth wrapping we can re-use each year - Schrapps seems to have this figured out.  I know I might get some resistance from at least one of my siblings... Any suggestions??  


I am giving this product a  hopeful 5 stars b/c of my excitement about a new paradigm.  I'll be back with detailed product rating once I have gotten my Shrapps.


Pros: Beautiful presentation, Easy to use, Value, Made in USA

I just got my first Shrapp! I know . . .why am I so psyched over cloth? Well - let me explain. 


First of all, it makes an really classy presentation.  I followed the instructions and tried wrapping things around the house - a trivet, a picture, a bottle of wine - and the result is so much more inviting than paper.  There's texture and flourish that makes paper and ribbon look pathetic by comparison.


Second, there is the cost.  At $8 it is perhaps 2x what you would pay for paper gift wrapping (including waste) and a card - all of which end up in the trash.  I have adopted a different context: the Shrapp and the personal note that I write are an integral part of the gift I give.  I am giving fewer gifts these days and putting more of myself behind each one.  So $8 is a fair price.


Third, and most importantly, it is a green solution for the long haul.  My gift of a Shrapp will be gifted and re-gifted dozens of times over many, many years... perhaps even generations.  Each time it is re-gifted, it will raise green awareness, invest more of the giver in the gift, and save the stupid waste that MoreHumble cites above.   Using paper just contributes to our long term problems and collective ignorance.



Pros: It's much faster to wrap a gift with this

I like this product because of the speed I can wrap presents, I wrapped a football for my son in 10 seconds. Try doing that with paper. :)

Shrapps Fabric Gift Wrap

Shrapps, a reusable fabric gift wrap, is a greener way to wrap your presents. These eco-friendly pieces allow you to reuse your gift wrap with ease, producing less waste while saving you money and time. With the environment in mind, these Shrapps fabric wraps were designed in hopes to create sustainable practices for everyday chores and activities. Coming in a variety of colors and designs, these Shrapps fabric wraps are perfect for any gift-giving occasion.

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