Shea Terra Organics Shea Butter Body Lotion Reviews


Makes for soft and delicious skin


Pros: smells good, nice texture, rubs in well, super moisturizing, not sticky or residue-y

Cons: smells so good I do awkward things like smell my own arm in public

I've experienced a few different Shea Terra Organics products, but I'd never tried any of the Indigenous Silk and Shea Butter body lotions before.  Let me tell's a winner.   At first I thought it had maybe separated a bit when I started pumping out the lotion as it was much thicker than other body lotions I've used in the past.  But I realized shortly that it in fact was supposed to be thick and creamy (which is great eco-wise because you're not shipping a lotion packed with water).  It's consistency is definitely thick and creamy, which I like a lot.  It goes on smooth and absorbs in your skin nicely.  There's no stickiness left or weird residues.  It's also really hydrating.  I...
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