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Shaklee Get Clean Fresh Laundry Concentrate


Pros: natural, smell good clean, non allergenic, economically concentrated to reduce packaging, saves dollars per load

This laundry product comes in powder or liquid form and is concentrated to save unnessasary packaging.

Non allergenic, it is safe in the home for children.  Totally natural and really works!


Pros: pretreatment as well, fresh scent (unscented available also), handy pump

Cons: I'd like it to have a dripless cap/lid to measure product

I LOVE this laundry product (so does everyone I know who uses it). It gets rave reviews from those who use it ... everyone loves the scent and the cleaning power.


It leaves laundry with a truly "fresh" scent. It smells like it has dried out on the line. For those who prefer, they do offer it in unscented as well.


I have two small children and this removes most stains (Nature Bright from Shaklee will take care of the rest - see separate reviews for that). I have used other green detergents but none worked as well as this. I may still be using Tide if it wasn't for this product (can you believe??).


While I wish the cap was a dripless measuring tool, Shaklee does offer a pump that makes dispensing easy. Each pump is 1/4 oz.


The March '08 issue of Domino Magazine covered green products and said that when it comes to laundry products, “Shaklee did the best job (by far) on our stain test.” I’d have to agree with that. I haven’t found anything better and I’ve stopped looking (no need).




Pros: Great scent, concentrated, great value

Cons: A little awkward at the laundromat

I love this detergent!  I prefer liquids because I can use them for both pre-treatment and the wash.  I bought my first bottle as part of the GetClean Starter Kit ($149 member price)  and have bought two 32 oz. bottles since then.  I love this stuff!  The clothes are clean,colors do not fade, and the fragrance is just clean - nothing girly to offend my husband or son, nothing that clashes with any fragrance my daughter or I wear.  


Mud, oil, food, and pet stains come right out. 

Shaklee Get Clean Fresh Laundry Concentrate

Super performance in a small package — enzyme-activated natural cleaners deliver a powerful clean that rivals leading brands. Two-in-one product; prespot your laundry with the same thing you use to wash it. Natural enzyme power boosters for color-safe whitening. Formulated to help prevent dyes in colored clothes from transferring from one garment to another during wash. 32 fl. oz. Washes 32 Loads Works in both HE and standard washers. GREEN ✔ Sustainable ingredients from natural sources – derived from coconut ✔ Biodegradable surfactants ✔ No phosphates or nitrates ✔ Fragrance-free option ✔ No dyes ✔ Recyclable packaging ✔ Safe for septic systems and graywater Directions for best results: standard washers 1 oz. – medium load 2 oz. – large loads high efficiency (HE) washers 1 oz. – medium and large loads To Prespot Stains: Test a small spot first to make sure color won’t bleed or fade. Wet fabric and rub a little Fresh Laundry right into the spot. Wash as usual. Check labels. Some flame-retardant fabrics need specific care.

Size32 fl oz and 64 fl oz
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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets › Shaklee Get Clean Fresh Laundry Concentrate