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Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Pros: Cleans great, natural/no volatile chemicals

Cons: Takes a little longer for full effectiveness, hard to find

Even if I didn't seek out natural cleaning solutions, I would still use Seventh Generation's toilet bowl cleaner. My toilet bowls sparkle after being cleaned with the product and the subtle smell is very nice.

For years, I depended on bleach-based toilet cleaners and those awful bleach/blue tabs in the tank (which are so much more trouble than they're worth.) From the first time I used Seventh Generation's toilet bowl cleaner, I was sold.

The biggest draw is that the product uses naturally derived acids instead of bleach to get the job done. This not only prevents more toxic bleach from finding it's way into our waterways, but helps keep the house free of bleach fumes. I know that if I accidentally splash some on my skin or my clothes, there's nothing to worry about - I just rinse and go.

Application is fairly typical, there's a built-in flip-up nozzle that shoots a narrow stream of the liquid cleaner under the rim. From there, you allow it to to slowly run down the sides of the bowl and scrub as usual. The natural thickeners help keep the cleaner thick enough to coat the entire bowl. Once you flush, you'll see what a great job of cleaning it does. After a few weeks of using it, I found that the waterlines in all my toilets had disappeared.

The directions instruct you to allow a few minutes before scrubbing, though I find it best to allow a few hours before scrubbing. Though this seems like quite a delay, it's really no problem if you remember to squirt it into your toilets before you start your other cleaning chores. My only other complaint is that it's hard to find, I've only been able to buy it at Whole Foods (which isn't near me) or online.


Pros: works well

Cons: cost more then making your own

cleaners are so easy to make that I rarely think it is worth it to buy them premade. But if you really don't have the time or drive to make your own seventh generation is a great option!


Pros: work great without bleach!

Cons: none

This is the only toilet cleaner I use! I have all boys in my family so toilet-cleaning is continuous! It comes with a great cypress and fir fragrance too! This product doesn't sting your eyes or nose like the brands with bleach.


Pros: Cleans well, smells nice, no bleach

Cons: More difficult to get under the rim.

We have been using this product for several months and have been very satisfied. We flush each of our toilets only once or twice daily (you know... if it's brown flush it down.... :), so the water lines around the bowl tend to form more quickly. This cleans really well, has a nice smell that is not overpowering. It does pay to leave it in the bowl a little longer than the label indicates. My only very minor complaint is that the neck of the bottle is a little more difficult to direct the product up under the rim than the traditional shape of toilet cleaner bottles. We purchase it in the natural product section of our local Hy-Vee grocery store.


Pros: Good stuff, works great!

Cons: none

Good stuff, leaves a good piece of mind knowing that I am not using all those chemicals to clean!

Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner works as well as conventional cleaners and deodorizes without potentially harmful fumes, harsh chemicals, or dyes. Now available in a zesty, earthy Emerald Cypress & Fir scent, this toilet bowl cleaner is a perfect companion to our Emerald Cypress & Fir Tub & Tile cleaner. Formerly available as Mint Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Features and Benefits Biodegradable Uses plant-based surfactants only - free of petroleum Free of chlorine Free of harsh chemicals Free of phosphates No harsh fumes Safe for septic systems Not tested on animals Convenient squeeze nozzle Made in the U.S.A. Natural Emerald Cypress & Fir fragrance from whole and natural plant essence You Are Making a Difference™ Your purchase of this phosphate- and chlorine-free product helps reduce the risk of harm to our lakes and ponds and to keep chlorine’s dangers out of our environment. We Disclose All Ingredients Natural lactic acids, Coconut-based surfactants, Natural thickener (xanthan gum), Whole and natural plant essences (a blend of emerald cypress, balsam fir, and lime essential oils), Water.

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