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Seventh Generation Natural Shower Cleaner Reviews


Works well on mildew


Pros: non-toxic, no chlorine, smells nice

Cons: smell is a little powerful

I've got a bit of a mildew problem in my bathroom because when my house was remodeled prior to being put on the market (before I bought it), they never installed a fan in the bathroom, so air circulation is lacking. Mildew will grow on the ceiling above the shower, and I'll clean it off, then a few days later it's back. Normally I would use one of those 'Magic Erasers' to kill the mildew, but this last time I used the Seventh Generation shower cleaner which I had purchased online based on a Huddler review. It seems to have done the job nicely. The mildew hasn't returned nearly a week later, which means this cleaner outperformed the 'Magic Eraser'...
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good cleaning product for the whole house


Pros: natural, doesn't leave any residue, doesn't leave any odors

Cons: nothing I can think of

I usually buy either the shower cleaner or the kitchen cleaner. They have the same ingredients and work exactly the same. I think that the only difference is the bottle label. I love how it cuts through just about anything. Grease, toilet grim, soap scum. You name it and this product will clean it. It is one of the only products that doesn't bring on a raging migraine for me. I love it.

Good stuff


Pros: Works well, non-toxic

We recently moved out of our apartment, and the tub needed a really good scrubbing. I used a lot of this cleaner, which smelled nice, didn't require ventilation because of toxic chemicals, and I didn't mind getting a bit on my hands because of the natural ingredients- the only safety warning is for in case of eye contact! It worked pretty well, but in the end I did have to buy a stronger chemical cleaner to get rid of the worst soap scum. For most showers and tubs, the cleaning power should be plenty sufficient, and I will be using this product again in the future.

Great Stuff


Pros: Cleans great

Cons: needs to be available in a refill size

The sevetnh General Greem mandarin & leaf shower cleaner works great.  I was using the Tilex and store brand at Meijer daily shower cleaner previously.  My shower was clean to begin with and this continues to keep it clean. The main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide and I don't feel I'm breathing in toxic chemicals.  It does cost about $2.00 more than the Tilex, but it is worth it.  he scent is not overpowering.

Doesn't bother lungs


Pros: full disclosure, works and doesn't bother lungs

Cons: cheaper to make own

cleaners are so easy to make that I rarely think it is worth it to buy them premade.  I am an asthmatic so store bought bathroom cleaners in general usually are very bad for me and i can't use them, this one doesn't bother my lungs at all and still works great. so if you really don't have the time or drive to make your own seventh generation is a great option! They are a full disclosure company and I understand all the ingredients they use and why, great peace of mind and they work wonderfully!

Keeps my shower clean


Cons: packaging

Living in an old Craftsman without heat or ventilation means that I have to live with mold. Thanks to Seventh Generation's shower cleaner, I don't have to live with it in the shower all the time. This has a great scent and it works well with a nylon bath puff to clean the shower curtain, grout and tub. This product is: *Non-toxic & biodegradable * No chlorine or petroleum-based solvents * No glycol ethers * No strong acids * Not caustic * Not tested on animals * Kosher-certified I just wish they had a big refill for my bottle!
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