Seventh Generation Recycled Trash Bags Reviews


Feeling a little better about the trash we generate


Pros: Recycled content, strong enough to hold our garbage

Despite our efforts to reduce our household waste, we still do need trash bags. It's nice to be able to buy bags with recycled content, because it adds less insult (using resources to create brand spanking new bags) to injury (creating trash to fill up the landfills). The plastic felt a little thinner than the last brand of bags we had, so I was a teensy bit anxious when I pulled the bag from the trash can- but it didn't rip or leak at all. Which is really all I ask for in a trash bag. It's the perfect size for the trash bin we have in the kitchen, I just wish I'd realized they had bags with drawstrings, since that makes tying off a little easier.

Love it!


Pros: Green product, no leaks, no tears

Cons: Doesn't pull together perfect

I use this product in my kitchen trashcan. It holds up really well to the "normal" household trash that we produce. I haven't had any leaks or tears in it. The only complaint that I have is the pull-together ties don't really pull together very well. I feel like I'm ripping them out of the bag.