Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Paper Towels Reviews

Positive Reviews


Tougher than expected.


Pros: Strong, durable, obviously unbleached.

Cons: Boring to look at?

I love these—at work we use them everywhere! They are as durable as any mainstream brand without the fresh rainforest pulp. I can scrub the floor, counter, walls, etc.. without them shredding in my hands. I guess that my only complaint would be the dull brown color and simple dimple pattern that together render the towels purely utilitarian. I guess I'll have to forget having the paper towel dispenser as my holiday centerpiece ;-)

Flat, But Useful


Pros: tough

Cons: flat, not easy to separate sheets

The first thing you notice using these paper towels is that they don't have the fluffy feeling that you get from other paper towels (do they call it quilting on paper towels?) However, they are quite tough and, perhaps as a result of being less fluffy, don't rip. This also means the perforated sheets don't really like to rip, either, but I could deal with that. I also appreciate the lack of bleaching on these paper towels.

Negative Reviews


The slicker picker upper


Pros: recycled, absorbent

Cons: feels rougher

As I do most of my food shopping at Whole Foods - seventh generation (and other recycled paper products) are usually my only choice for paper towels. To add on to the reviews posted before, one additional benefit that I found with these towels is that both myself and my roommates were more considerate with our paper towel usage. Because they looked and felt different and were strongly connected with being more environmentally conscious, I think we were more aware of how many times we decided to take a tear from the roll. So two thumbs up for a product that not only is good for the environment, but reminds its user to be more mindful as well.

Only green - in a sense


Pros: recycled

Cons: disposable

Let's face it, folks - using paper towels is really NOT very green. There's nothing "Green" about expending energy to create a product that you are just going to throw away. I use about 4 rolls of paper toweling in a year -- on a bad year. Usually it is only used under fried food or by friends who are visiting and who are reluctant to draw upon my extensive collection of kitchen towels. Skip the Costco run - head to a thrift store and look for some tea towels, kitchen towels and other lint-free fabric that you can cut to size and re-use and rewash. If you're concerned that washing dirty towels will make your clothes dirty - just remember - you can always...
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More Reviews


Nice towels


Pros: Not bleached, soaks things up, wipes things off, 80% post-consumer recycled paper

Cons: No half sheets, not as soft as some other brands of commerical paper towels

I just opened my first roll of Seventh Generation paper towels, and so far, so good. I agree with solmstea that it would be nice if they came in 1/2 sheets. I often rip a corner off when I need to wipe up a small spill. They are not as soft as some of the non-recycled brands I have used in the past, but that's not a big deal. I love that they aren't bleached, and have such a high percentage of postconsumer recycled paper.

Never turn back


Pros: Tough, good value

Cons: a little pricier than the alternative

I love Seventh Generation products to begin with but, their paper towels blow me away! Sometimes I resort to buying the Safeway 100% recycled brand more for convenience than anything and I always regret it! Seventh Generation paper towels are thick and tough meaning you need less to get the job done!

Thy're green and that's all that matters


Pros: 100% recycled

Cons: not very absorbing

 I bought it and will always be buying it again when I see it because its a "Green Product". Its doesnt absorbe as good as the leading brands but I'm sure they are working on it. Its 100% recycled and I'm all for it :-)

A bit coarse, but functional


Pros: functional

I just picked these up at Whole Foods. They weren't shockingly expensive, which is the only really shocking part to me. Other than that, they're paper towels, which I suppose is what I was looking for.  Next time I spill something major (which I will), I'll report back on the overall absorption ability.

Wipe it up


Pros: unbleached paper, come in bulk and singles.

Cons: Tears easily when wet. Rolls are small.

I try not to resort to using paper, but if it's a must this is the best papertowel to buy. It's a very basic unbleached product which is what you should have. Great to use in combination with vinegar glass cleaner. I aso use it to wrap around my kids sandwhiches and snacks. There's no need to buy napkins too!



Cons: Need a lot to clean up spills, breaks easily

I really wanted to like this product but it just doesn't hold up to other brands. The paper towels work great as napkins but not that great for cleaning up messes and they break apart easily, usually resulting in me having to use another piece.

Paper Towels


Pros: Better for the environment, work just fine

I love these paper towels because they work well and are better for the environment. However, I am trying not to buy any at all and use cloths instead. They do work well though!

Overall good product

Overall these paper towels are just fine. Like the other reviews noted, they aren't soft and fluffy. However, they do the job nicely, and I feel better about when I do have to use one. I do wish that they came in half sheets as well since I rarely need a whole sheet.
solmstea're probably just as good getting regular towels that come in half sizes


Pros: Good for the planet, strong towels, hold up well, sheets tear easily

Cons: Doesn't come in smaller sheets, rough

These towels are great for some things, but I do not understand why 7G doesn't make them in half sized sheets. I almost never need a full sheet. Why not make them half sized? Then, in addition to already wonderful qualities, a roll would last longer and people would conserve more. As it is, I have to tediously break all the towels in half when I want to use one. Beyond that, they are not particularly soft or pleasant to use. They are sturdy, though, just too big. If they came in half sizes, I could overlook the roughness of the paper.