Seventh Generation Natural Detergent Powder Reviews


I feel overall this is a good product.


Pros: Hypo-allergenic, no perfumes, disolves easily, works well in cold water

Cons: didn't really brighten colors or whites, need to pretreat stains, measuring scoop was buried in the bottom of the box

I have been rather spoiled using liquid detergents for a long time, kept on an upper shelf and I just needed to open a valve. I thought I would give this a try. It did clean my husbands stinky hiking clothes which I felt was an honest test. There is absolutely no fragrance. It is not as easy to use if it is on an upper shelf as you have to lift it down each time and I have the 7lb. size. It didn't brighten white sheets but seemed to effectively clean colors, jeans, etc. I did find it a little annoying that the scoop was buried in the very bottom of the 7lb. box so I had to stick my hand in and dig around.