Seventh Generation Living Scents Laundry Detergent Reviews

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Pros: Good value and great scent

i love this smell, it makes my clothes smell fresha dn clean!

Negative Reviews


Seventh Generation - ALL MARKETING HYPE


Pros: pretty packaging

Cons: virtually chemical soups, many hazardous ingredients, totally deceptive marketing practices

Seventh Generation is marketing hype at its finest. Every product I have checked so far doesn't even come close to safe, natural and they are all a LONG WAY from the green products that their image portrays so well. I have to wonder if there is even a conscience anywhere in this company. It's really hard to understand how they can have pulled the wool over the eyes of SO many for SO long.Has anyone ever bothered to read and study the ingredients in Seventh Generation products? If not, this list is for their "Delicate Care" product (You would guess it would be more benign than others): Aqua (water), pareth-7, coceth-7 and sodium laureth sulfate (plant-derived cleaning agents), sodium...
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Smells so good!!


Pros: Great smell, does a good job, super concentrated, natural

This is the first natural laundry product I've tried, and I love it. You only need a small amount- the cap is tiny already, and you only need to fill that half way- that's a lot less than the commercial detergents I've used. This super concentration saves waste on packaging and and reduces the carbon footprint of product shipping. The eucalyptus and lavender smell is great, and it does a wonderful job on the laundry. I love it.

Love the Lavender scent


Pros: Cleans well

Cons: price

This detergent doesn't work any better than any other detergent that I have used in the past. I will continue to use it because it is better for the enviornment and I am at a place in my life where I can afford to spend extra for my values.