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Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid

84% Positive Reviews
Rated #7 in Dish Soap


Pros: dye/perfume free, good value, environmentally friendly, cold-water effective

Cons: not the best grease-cutter

I have used a few Seventh Generation products, and I generally like them. This is a very good soap, with no dyes, perfumes, or chemicals, and it is reasonably effective. It suds up brilliantly, but doesn't cut grease as well as I would like, leaving a thin film on washed storage containers, and you might need to work quickly as the suds lose their effectiveness after a short time. I would still buy it over standard commercial detergents, but have since found a dish liquid that I definitely prefer.


Pros: last a long time and super sudsy!

Cons: can't say I have a one

I have started to use this product over the last few months after switching from nature clean and find it to be superior to any green dish liquid I have used and I have used many. The suds are great, it lasts a long time and my hands are dry and chapped. My husband who has excema can use this too and not have it affect his hands. The best dish soap on the market!


Pros: light scent, cuts grease well

Cons: creates a lot of suds

I generally like Seventh Generation products a lot. And while this soap smells nice and cleans well, it suds up too much for me (when I want to use the sponge with no soap, I have to rinse it a ton). Also, it's a little thin (i.e. runny) so you have to watch out for that - otherwise you get too much and your bottle doesn't last as long.


Pros: works well

Cons: not 100 percent green

I began using this as an alternative to Dawn when I found out how many chemical compounds were in it.  While it works like it says it does it still contains "chemicals", I was disappointed that it was not toxin/chemical free.  I have since began using another product that is enzyme based and works even better and in cold water!


Pros: no scent

Cons: not the cheapest

I liked the lavender version but they don't make it anymore so I bought this one and added my own lavender oil.

works fine, not the cheapest eco option out there


We've been using this at work and I would say it's no better or worse than an average dish soap. It gets the job done, even though I am not too happy with the suds. I have used better soaps...


I purchased this product to try it out and see if a green dish liquid would even work. I am very impressed! This product cuts grease as well as any brand I have ever tried. Plus, it doesn't leave your hands smelling like some overpowering fruit. I also love that this product is more environmentally friendly than most.

I do however wish that the price was lower. It seems a bit excessive to pay almost four dollars a bottle for dish soap.


Pros: Nothing special.

Cons: Overly hyped.

A good green dishwasher detergent is tough one to accomplish. (Very similar to the difficulty in developing a good green HE detergent. No mainstream brand has even come close to getting that right.) The best TRULY green dishwasher formula I've been able to come up with is a combination of a thickened soap nuts / saponin liquid, with a vinegar rinse. Too thin of a soap nut liquid doesn't dispense properly. The machine type however is a big variable. It's a hit and miss scenario depending on your machine and how you use it. But this is not about that.

This is about 7th Gen's "free and clear" dishwasher detergent. Is anyone else getting bored with ALL the "free and clear" products, of which I haven't found even ONE to be (sans whatever particular ingredient that is on the current negative buzzword list) from ANY producer. Thank you for getting rid of the phosphates and chlorine, too. Albeit, it was not a matter of actually having a choice.

Think about it: "Free and Clear". Can it get more nebulous? As far as I can determine (from ingredients and actual use) there is nothing special with this product that the leading competing "greener" products don't offer or do equally. As usual, we just pay a little more to have a pretty, greener LOOKING container. And also as usual, I admit to be irritated by the overall deceptiveness of the marketing.

BTW: The last time I wrote something unfavorable about 7th Generation, I was contacted by their marketing department. Can you believe that??? Look boys, not ALL your products are "bad". I've even given you folks positive feedback on a couple items. I will express my opinion as I choose, when I choose. If you don't like the heat. Get out of the kitchen. You'd gain more points with me if you'd get off this overly hyped "green" wave you are riding, and just be REAL. We (the consumers) are getting wiser everyday. Sooner or later, all your little games (even as smooth as they are) will catch up with you. There are many like me that put integrity first - that see through all the smoke and mirrors.


I was very disappointed! 7th Generation is usually a product that I like but this dishwashing liquid left my dishes feeling sandy and left a white film on them!   :(   I would not reccomend it- the method works well as an alternative...


Pros: Doesn't dry out hands at all and cleans dishes well. No overpowering scents.

Cons: Maybe price.

although a bit pricey I find this soap last long and you don't need to use much. It's probably not as watered down as the cheep stuff. It does a great job of cleaning and it's nice to know you not harming the environment.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid

Seventh Generation Free & Clear™ Natural Dishwashing Liquid gets your dishes sparkling clean yet is gentle on your hands and the Earth. We use only ingredients that do not pose any chronic health risks and are safe for the environment. The Inside Scoop: Our dishwashing liquid is better than ever! The ingredients didn't change, we just improved the formula to make it more effective. The result is a 90% improvement in cleaning and 40% more suds than our previous formula. Features and Benefits: Non-toxic Biodegradable Hypo-allergenic No dyes No fragrances No petroleum based cleaners No phosphates Safe for septic and greywater systems Not tested on animals You Are Making a Difference™ If every household in the U.S. replaced just one 25 oz. bottle of petroleum based dishwashing liquid with our vegetable based product, we could save 81,000 barrels of oil, enough to heat and cool 4,600 U.S. homes for a year!

TypeHand dishwashing
Bottle Size(s)Available in 25 oz. and 48oz.
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