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Seventh Generation Free & Clear Automatic Dishwashing Powder Reviews

Positive Reviews


Better than expected


Pros: better for environment, safer for my family/home

Cons: not quite as powerful as the bad stuff

I bought this with the mind that I was doing the right thing, and if it meant a little extra work on my part, then it would be worth it.  But it turned out to work better than I expected.  Now if you leave food caked on your dishes, not it isn't going to come off (but not many detergents can accomplish that, much less one that doesn't use a ton of harmful chemicals) So it is best to run over your dishes with a wet sponge before putting them in the dishwasher, especially if they are going to sit there for a day or two before you start it. When I first started using it, I also had the white powder inside the bowls and cups on the top rack, but then I did some experiments and discovered that...
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It's Great!


Pros: Leaves dishes spotless

I switched to this product after using Cascade, which is suppose to leave your dishes shiny and spotless. Cascade did no such thing so I decided to go for something more environmentally friendly. It turned out that this soap clean was the soap that left my dishes shiny and spotless, naturally! I always love it when environmentally friendly products end up cleaning just as well and sometime better than non-eco friendly products. I highly recommend this product.

Clean & Crisp


Pros: Cleans nicely.....

I just purchased this item. I've used a few times now. Dishes are clean and fresh.

Negative Reviews


not as green as some others


Pros: doesn't leave an artificial scent

Cons: leaves residue, def. not for hard water use, some agents in it biodegrade very slowly

This is my least favorite of the green automatic dishwasher powders. It's prone to caking in the box and it leaves residue on dishes (in any water, but it's esp. bad in hard water). It doesn't clean as well as some other brands and some of the agents in it are slow to bio-degrade (so I've read). I would not recommend this brand, tho I like other 7th Gen products.

Had to wash again


Pros: free & clear, eco friendly

Cons: leaves a film!!

I bought this product on sale so I bought 2 of them thinking they would be fine. well I used half of one and still have the other one because I still had to wash the dishes again after I used this stuff. It left a horrible film. I have like other brands way better.

Not worth the price

Left white powder residue on dishes and doesn't clean plates well.  I won't be buying again.  Maybe I will try the liquid next time.

More Reviews


works just fine


Pros: love the company

Cons: not the cheapest

works just fine, I like it better then liquid in my kid can eat it and not die:)

Wish it was better


Pros: It is eco-friendly. It smells good.

Cons: It doesn't clean very well

As much as I love Seventh Generation and its products I have to give this dishwashing powder a thumbs down. It doesn't clean my dishes at all well and I tend to find a lot of white powder as well as food still left on my dishes when the dishwashing cycle is done. Unfortunately I will have to search for another green automatic dishwashing powder for my dishes.

Just okay


Pros: good company

Cons: does not clean well,

Made the switch to the powder after getting a deal on the product.  Not impressed with the cleaning.  Left residue stains on our glassware and the dishes were not coming clean as this was not a problem with our previous detergent.   If a dishwasing detergent causes you to pre wash you plates before placing them in thei dishwasher to come clean this is counter productive as an eco-company as you are wasting more water pre-washing then the actual dishwashing cycle.

Works Great


Pros: Works as good if not better then non-ecofriendly alteratives.

This is a great automatic dishwasher detergent. It works like a dream and i never need to rewash anything I think its great.

Great powder detergent


Pros: effective, cost, green

Cons: powder

Had issues with liquid and dishwasher explosions, this powder works great. Dishes get clean and it lasts forever (only half way through case from a year ago!). No experience with powder residue. Use moderate amount. Price: $43.99 for case of 8, plus $3.92 in tax; total cost of $5.98 per unit.

Seventh Generation Dish Powder


Pros: price

Cons: doesn't dissolve completely

I tried this product a few times. I found it to clean my dishes well but left a powder residue. Instead of filling both dispenser cups I only filled one and that seemed to help. Maybe that is a good thing though, less soap does the job.



Pros: Economical, Effective, Scent Free

Cons: Doesn't always dissolve

Overall, this product performed well. However, I found powder on my dishes several times. I now use the liquid form of this brand and much prefer. It was fairly inexpensive and I would purchase it again if the liquid form was not available

not bad

It is o.k. It does not work that great in my Bosch dishwasher. Other products have worked better for me. The price is good.

not bad, for a powder

It's been a while since I have used a powder. I switched to liquids because powders had always left a film on my dishes. Not so with this powder. The dishes are clean and film free. I have used better products, but will continue to use this one because of the green factor.
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