Seventh Generation Free and Clear Powder Detergent Reviews


Quality Detergent; Guilt Free!


Pros: effective, green, not perfurme-y

Cons: occasionally clumps

This detergent is most excellent. Not a ton of varied experience with other green products of this sort, but haven't found the need to venture far from 7th generation. It works great, clothes get clean and smell great also - not perfume-y; All with only cold water washing. Bought by the case from Amazon for cost savings, and I believe during shipping, the scoopers get buried. Save the scoop from the previous box until you find the new one! Price: $40.99 for case of 4 plus $3.64 in tax, $11.15 is total cost per unit.

Makes for nice, clean clothes


Pros: cleans well, environmentally friendly, light scent

Cons: cardboard box doesn't close after opening it

This detergent is highly concentrated, has very little fragrance, and cleans really well. My whites are very white! It also does really well even though I tend to wash with mostly cold water. It dissolves nicely and doesn't leave any residue.