Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Bleach Reviews


White whites without the chlorine


Pros: Excellent whitening performance, leaves clothes smelling great, no bleach

Cons: The bottle simply isn't big enough!

Seventh Generation's Chlorine Free Bleach is incredible. It uses peroxide instead of bleach to whiten your whiten your whites and brighten your colors without the harmful effects or odor of bleach. Just 3 ounces does the job that a cup of bleach does. In cold water it does well though I'd recommend warm or hot depending on your fabric or preference. Along with your favorite eco-friendly laundry detergent,, it brightens your colors the way the national brands do (but without the harmful optical brighteners that the nationals add to their formulas). What amazed me the first time I used this bleach (rather, non-bleach) I was impressed with how sweet-smelling it left my...
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