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Seventh Generation Natural All Purpose Cleaner Reviews

Positive Reviews


Need to buy more soon...


Pros: Cleans well, no toxic fumes!

So many cleaning products give off harsh fumes, and you can feel it irritating your lungs- many cleaning products talk about requiring good ventilation during use! It is refreshing to have a cleaning product that I don't mind breathing, because it doesn't have the toxic chemicals of typical cleaners. This product works well and I don't worry about getting a little on my skin when cleaning.

Best general cleaner on the market!


Pros: Amazingly powerful, pleasant smell, competitively priced

Cons: Haven't found one yet....

I do not know what is in this cleaner, but it is really amazing! I have used it on the linoleum floor, on my tile counters, in the sink, and it gets rid of all dirt! It powered through the lime deposits in my sink like they were just some dust. It whitens the linoleum floors as if its made of pure, undiluted bleach!. To be honest, I was not expecting much out of this cleaning product, but I am amazed at how well its done. The best part is that I don't have to get it at some overpriced specialty store; they have it right in my local Albertson's. I can't say enough about the quality of this product. Excellent all around (and I'm not usually one to rave like this...
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Negative Reviews



We have this at work (the free and clear version) but I had never used it. Recently, I decided to clean our office and used it to clean the desktops that were filthy. It did a great job but after a while I started feeling sick, not only did it irritate my nose and throat, it was really hard for me to breath in the office and had to leave for a while. It's possible that the irritation might have been caused by a natural ingredient, but I am definitely never using this again. The reason I switched to natural cleaners was to avoid this kind of thing....

not as good as I hoped


Pros: not

Cons: not great on tough stains

 Honestly, I was disappointed by this cleaner.  I think it works fine for basic cleaning, however, it will not remove older stains on my white linoleum kitchen counter tops (its a rental apartment, not my choice!).  I also find its not great on toilet seats/shower mildew.  I don't think I will buy this again.  

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Weaker but still effective


Pros: Good for every day cleaning

Cons: Won't work for really dirty messes

I don't like to clean that often, so when I do, I want something that works. This works pretty well without too much scrubbing and my bathroom and kitchen smell nice (especially better than non-eco cleaners), which also serves to be kind of an air freshener too. While it works well for my purposes (Iive by myself), I don't know if it would work for bigger messes or heavy dirt.

Awesome product!

Wow, this is great! Just switched over from Lysol-brand bathroom cleaners, and this works just as well, with no caustic smell and no more need to wear gloves (to protect myself from bleach and other harsh agents) when I clean. Just used it in the bathroom. Sweet!

7th Generation Cleaner for the kitchen

I've been using this for kitchen cleaning. , if you're looking for something to really get up built on grease, this isn't it. but, if you're about keeping things neat and clean on a regular basis then this is it.

Great eco-cleaner!!!


Pros: No harsh fumes, not irritating to skin - cleans great!

Cons: None yet.

We have only been using this product a couple weeks, and so far we love it!  It does not have harsh fumes that make it difficult to work with... it does not irritate our skin or our eyes.  It has cleaned up all the messes we have had to deal with, and has done so quite well.  It is not over-priced or hard to find.  We are not concerned using it around our children.  Overall, we cannot be anything but pleased with this product!  :-)

good cleaner!

i really liked this cleaner, but now i try to make my own so i no longer have it.  but i would definitely recommend it.  cleaned well!

great per usuall!


Pros: full disclosure, works wonderfully

Cons: cheaper to make your own

cleaners are so easy to make that I rarely think it is worth it to buy them premade. But if you really don't have the time or drive to make your own seventh generation is a great option! They are a full disclosure company and I understand all the ingredients they use and why, great peace of mind and they work wonderfully!

All Purpose Cleaner


Pros: good at cleaning shower scum

I have used this on tough spots in our bathroom. It gets the job done and doesn't have the fumes that other cleaners do. I purchased my current bottle through the Seventh Generation website, included in a Free & Clear starter kit.

Love It


Pros: Non-toxic, Effective, all-purpose

Cons: Pricey

I love this stuff. It is my everything cleaner. I use it with a microfiber cloth to get the tough caked on food on the stove top and it performs very well. Cuts through grease but works well on mirrors and counter-tops as well. It is a bit pricey but lasts a long time

works great

I have used this product to clean counter tops, spills on the tile and our chinchilla cage. It works and smells great.

Fresh scent and good cleaning power

I use this for daily cleaning chores like wiping down counters, spot cleaning floors, cleaning out the bathroom sink etc. I'm not sure if it has the power to clean when the dirt has really caked on something but it works great for maintaining well cared for surfaces.
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