Septic Odor Sweetfilter®

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Septic Odor Sweetfilter®

Sweetfilter is a newer style sewer vent filter design that resists freeze-up, allows condensation to drain inside the unit rather staining your roof like other "T" shaped designs, and eliminates sewer odor overnight. Sweetfilter is built with the same materials as your vent pipes, with no metal parts to corrode and our frost proof "easy to install" coupling. Zeocarbon hydrophobic media prevents entry of odors, water, aerosolized pathogens, and VOC's into your environment. Sweetfilter is shipped ready to slide over your vent stack. 90 day money back warranty, 5 year manufacturers warranty First, all drain and sewage waste from your house flows into the sewer or septic yard tank. Secondly, as water flows into any drain, foul, corrosive, toxic gas laden, air is displaced and must be vented (H2S - hyrdogen sulfide and methyl mercaptans), or the water will not go down the drain. Many homes (especially mass produced houses) have been designed to minimize plumbing costs. One major efficiency is the use of branch venting for fixtures in close proximity. Although less expensive initially, it makes sewer odors far more common. In many areas it is now law that all drain pipe roof vents are fitted with activated carbon filter vents when a new house is constructed. However, they can be installed into existing systems. Often this is necessary to assure proper "odor free" operation of the vent pipe. The PEC Sweetfilter requires no special tools for installation and simply slides onto existing drain vent pipes on your roof with universal fitting included with your purchase. Sweetfilter works in any position, even upside down. Slide units over existing cold air roof vent stacks, yard vents, or "candy canes". Use screwdriver to rotate clamp screws clockwise evenly until secure against stack. Two of our best customers are Honolulu County, Hawaii and Juneau County, Alaska. Need we say more?

Height8 inches
Width4.55 inches
Weight4 pounds
Length10 inches
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TitleSeptic Odor Sweetfilter®
Featureò One size fits all 1-inch to 4.55-inch vent pipes
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