Seeds of Change Microwavable Rice Reviews


Not bad, but the Trader Joes kind is a little better


Pros: Organic, good ingredients, easy to make

Cons: Sort of one-note flavor

Now, here's my disclaimer.  Seeds of Change makes 6 different kinds of microwavalbe rice/grain dishes.  I've only had the Dharamsala Aromatic Indian Rice Blend.  It remains to be seen if I try any more... In terms of flavor, it's not bad.  I certainly didn't have trouble eating it.  It's just...not all that exciting.  I can't decide which of the spices it tastes like, but it's pretty flat (meaning, it all just tastes like one's not very complex).  Now, I compare this to the Trader joe's Lentil Rice Biryani which, like the Seeds of Change stuff, comes in a pouch that you stick in the microwave for 90 second.  I don't think that one is organic, but I think the flavor is much more...
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