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Sea Pearls Sea Sponge Tampons


Pros: easy to insert, lack of leaking....

Cons: A nightmare to remove, had to be admitted to ER for infection due to inability to remove in a timely fashion

One month ago, I had Mirena (IUD) installed and have experienced uncontrollable bleeding inside and outside of my normal menstrual cycle.  I teach college a few days a week and have to walk long distances to teach class.   Each time I walk long distances, I bleed immensely (beyond tampons and pads).  After research, I excercised the option of sea sponges.  From what I read, sea sponges were a miracle.  I, too, thought that the sea sponge would assist with my bleeding.  Boy, was I wrong.  **** Note that I have never had children so I am exceptionally tight in that region. 

I purchased my sea sponges at a hollistic center and inserted them according to instruction (saturday).  They worked well, captured my blood and prevented leakage.  Well, when I attempted to remove them, it was painful and there was brown discharge (I have no STDs and am not sexually active), and this was a result of the trapped blood.  Each time I tried to pull it out, I was so painful.  I tried to immerse my lower body in warm water to pull it out and I was disturbed to find a piece of my own vaginal matter (skin) in the bathtub.  I knew this product was terrible and has a reputation for tearing the lining of your vaginal walls.  On Sunday, most doctors offices were closed, so I called an ER nurse and she informed me that I needed to get these sponges removed asap, to prevent infection.  I did so and am better.  I would advise that these sponges are not for everyone.....


Pros: easy, discreet, clean

Cons: difficult to use in public bathrooms

I used to use mainly cloth pads and the Keeper. Now I almost exclusively use the sponges--at least during the day. Whereas I could feel the Keeper, with the sea sponge I almost forget on my cycle! It's really handy to carry with you, rinse, and replace.

Con: I work in an office with public restrooms. I was not comfortable changing the sponge in a public space. One woman recommended carrying a plastic bag to store the used sponge until return home. I have to say I'm not too comfortable with that either. As long as I'm home or with private bathrooms, though, I love it, love it, love it.


I hate tampons anyway.  Very comfortable.  Can be a little...interesting to change when not at home, though.


Pros: Super easy to use, soft, comfortable, very easy to transition to, biodegradable when finished with them

Cons: Don't last nearly as long as menstrual cups, and need to be changed more often than menstrual cups

This was my first foray into the world of re-usable menstrual products.  I really liked using the sponges, they were soft, easy to get in and pretty easy to get out, and they have all the advantages of tampons, but are natural and reusable.  To clean, you just squeezed them and rinsed with water.  There's more information on using sponges and how to disinfect them on their website.


The reason I switched from sea sponges to the cup is that the cup can go up to 12 hours, and lasts for 10 years.  However, I highly recommend sea sponges to someone who wants to switch from tampons but is nervous about menstrual cups.  They are very similar, so it's a painless switch.

Sea Pearls Sea Sponge Tampons

Sea Pearls are completely natural sea sponge tampons containing no Dioxin or synthetic fibers. Sustainably harvested and reusable for three to six+ months, Sea Pearls are economical, easy to use, and earth friendly.

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