Scotts Classic Reel Mower


Pros: No CO2 emissions, exercise

Cons: Not good for big yards or tall grass

Got this from a friend who sold her home. Using this lawn mower is quite a workout and negates the gasoline smell. I like using it, but when you have tall grass (from heavy rain or being lazy), it's a chore to use. Also it's not ideal for large yards.


Pros: no gas, no pulling a hard cord, no running over power cord

Cons: sticks and rocks and pine cones

Ok, so I have no idea what brand we have. We got it at Home Depot ages ago. But it's a reel mower just like in the photo here.

I love it... as long as you don't have a large yard, this is great. the only downfall is large sticks, pinecones or rocks, you have to stop and move them out of your way.


 I like this mower, cuts well if you cut lawn regularly. Rough area difficult, though. I find it as easy to maneuver, as my 22'' power mower. Bought it used, too. Great to have if gasoline becomes a problem.


Pros: lightweight no tool assembly green quiet

Cons: leaves all weeds alone

It is great for the backyard but did dismally in the front yard and I had to remow it with old smokey. It was the first mow of the season, maybe next time will be better.


Pros: No Gas and all that entails

Cons: Must be diligent! It misses the high stuff.

 I made this commitment for my heart and the planet and I feel great every time I use it. The 20" wide blades mean less passes than other, more narrow push-mowers. BUT... you must not let the grass get to high as this pulls the grass in and severs it like scissors, as opposed to hacking it off via the sheer (no pun intended) speed of a horizontal "reaper" type of gas-powered mower (almost all that's out there now).

I love this and what it is doing for my children's future. 0 emissions and I can sharpen and fix and adjust as needed. AND I can start on the weekend without bothering the neighbors.


Pros: great work out, saving our air

Cons: none

This is a great mower. I have always dreamed of owning one and now we do. I love it because it is great for that much needed exercising and while you get that benefit, you are also contributing to the go green agenda. I give this product a 100 on my list of things to buy.


This mower is fine for a small lawn, I guess, but for a decent sized lawn, it takes a lot of effort. Our lawn is about 1/2 acre, so we found that we had to pretty much do mowing every other day to keep up with it. If the grass gets too long, it can be really difficult, but it does an okay cut if the grass length is within certain parameters. If you have a really small lawn, this may be an ideal solution, but if the lawn is a fair size, get an electric - it will save you a lot of effort.


Pros: No noise or gas

Cons: doesn't cut super close

We actually have two mowers. We picked one up from a thrift store! They do a good job and are much more pleasent to use than the noisy gas mower. We live in a rual area and have a lot of weeds in our yard. The mower does miss some of the taller/bendy weeds. My hubbie sometimes goes around and pulls these by hand. Its also a good chore for the little ones at home.

We do end up using the gas mower about every fourth mow just to get ALL the weeds to the same level.

I think this mower would be just perfect if you have a nice lawn.


Pros: No contamination, really easy to use

Cons: you need more time to maw the lawn

It´s a really nice machine, It´s works great and make the work perfectly. Everyone should have one in home.

Scotts Classic Reel Mower

# 20" cutting width -- means you'll get a cut as wide as a power mower. # Height range 1" - 3" -- gives you the option of an extra tall maximum cut or average cut. # Quick-snap height adjusters -- makes it easy for you to choose 9 different cutting height settings. # Dual 6" rear tracking wheels -- even though it is a larger mower, it is still easy to maneuver and push. # 5-spider, 5-blade ball bearing reel -- provides the optimal number of blades for ease of use and superior cutting. # 10 inch composite wheels with radial tread tires -- gives you long lasting wheels with good traction. # Heat treated blades -- provide a good cut and longevity. # Welded reel hood -- protects shrubs and overhanging plants from the blades. # Loop style handle with foam grip -- give you a comfortable and durable grip. # 2 year warranty -- so you know it will last for years to come.

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