Schüco Slimline Package Reviews

Positive Reviews


Schuco Sol K


Pros: top quality

Cons: installer - documentation in German & lacking

 Top quality equipment - the installer was a painful experience - we have 3 panels installed I turned off the electric backup on the tank 1 April & will turn it on again about 1 November. Water temperatures reach 80 degrees C (176 F) most days in May. We had 10 people last weekend (a long holiday weekend) and needs were met. The tank temperature never dropped below 40 degrees C (104 F) with max use for showers. It is difficult to find documentation - the website provides little of interest   

Negative Reviews


Schuco solar thermal panel failure


Pros: effective before failure

Cons: fogged glass

I have four Schuco solar thermal panels which have been installed for less than one year.  After less than nine months one of the panels developed fogged glass over about one-half of its inside surface.  The appearance is of a failed coating.   As the fogged glass will reduce thermal collection efficiency, I asked my installer to examine and contact Schuco for warranty replacement.  The installer inspected and agreed that the glass was fogged.  Schuco has declined to replace the panel and they have not contacted me directly but informed the installer that the glass is "normal."   Beware of Schuco if you expect a warranty to mean anything. ...
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