Sanyo HIT Standard Solar Panel Reviews


Power House


Pros: high efficiency, light weight,

Cons: cost

We have a 4kW array made up or 20 of these 200W panels. The system powered on in November 2007 and has been working great, even here in the rainy NW corner of Oregon. You can see the system's performance in near real-time here: Now, in early April, it is generating power from 8AM till 8PM. By using these higher efficiency panels, we were able to buy fewer panels, pay less for the install and railings and we still have room on our roof where we hope to add more solar panels soon.

Sanyo 200 Watt Solar Panel is the best in the market


Pros: Small squre fooratge and 17.8% Efficiency

Cons: none

We have a 4 kW Grid-tie system with 20 Sanyo 200 watt solar panels and a Fronius IG 4000 watt. We bought them from Alter Systems, LLC ( They had the best price and support. The sales person suggested to go with the Fronius inverter because they have found that the Sanyo's panels (48 volt panels) perform the best with the Fronius 4000 and 5100. Sure enough, these panels perform close to 200 watts even though their PTC is calculated at 188.7 wat. Best buy we ever did. Go green...and stop the oil wars!