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Santa Cruz Organic Fair Trade Certified Teas


Pros: Great flavor (for most), fair trade, organic, no icky chemicals or flavors added

Cons: Don't love the mint flavor

Santa Cruz Organic makes these new teas with green, white, and black teas that are Fair Trade Certified by TransFair USA and Green-e certified. They add natural fruit juice and flavors like Lemon, Peppermint, Raspberry, and Mango.

Like all Santa Cruz products, these teas have all sorts of eco-perks, both as a stand alone product and as part of the larger eco-friendly Santa Cruz company.

My family and friends liked these teas overall, although the mint flavor was not a hit at all. I hate mint tea as a rule, but did try the mint, thinking, "Maybe I'll like it" but no. My friend, who does like mint tea said it tasted like tea with a candy cane in it - which he said he did not enjoy. However, the other flavors were a big success. I loved the lemon and raspberry, and even liked the mango, although mango is not my favorite juice/beverage flavor.

The raspberry was the biggest all around winner for taste - everyone who tried it loved it. All the flavors were well balanced with tea and fruit. You could taste the tea for sure but the fruit flavors came through as well.

These teas are also well priced. I've seen them at my local grocer for about $2 a bottle.

If you like tea, you'll want to check out Santa Cruz Organic TeaZers Sparkling Teas too - which are awesome.
Santa Cruz Organic Fair Trade Certified Teas

Ready-to-drink, lightly sweetened organic tea blends made with high quality, Fair Trade Certified organic green, white and black tea varieties available in Lemon, Peppermint, Raspberry, and Mango flavors in 32 oz glass bottles.

Additional FeaturesFair Trade certified by TransFair USA, Organic, Green-e certified
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Santa Cruz Organic has been selling organic foods and beverages for more than 30 years. They carry Fair Trade certified tea, sparkling tea, peanut butter, organic juice, applesauce, sodas, dessert toppings and more and it's all organic.


They’re organic
: Organics have numerous benefits from better taste, to zero pesticides, to sustainable farming methods, to cleaner soil, to water preservation and more. 

They recycle: Santa Cruz recently revamped their recycling efforts which are now new and improved. They offer reduced packaging, recyclable packaging, and have received the WRAP Award (Waste Reduction Awards Program) for the past seven years. In 2006 the company achieved a remarkable 96% recycling rate for production.

They offset: Santa Cruz Organics purchases renewable energy which offset 100% of the energy used to produce Santa Cruz Organic brand products. This new strategy prevents more than two million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere every year.

They're a green power member: Santa Cruz Organic participates in the (EPA) Green Power Partnership. This is a voluntary eco program for companies that support clean and renewable energy technology.

They’re Fair Trade: Santa Cruz offers tea-juice blends that are Fair Trade.

They’re healthy
: Santa Cruz Organics offer products free from pesticides, hydrogenated oils, added sugars, artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and other icky stuff.

They’re family friendly: Organic companies are no good to the average consumer, if the average consumer can't afford their products. Santa Cruz products are usually reasonably priced, and often are featured in sales at local grocers. They offer coupons and have been featured in Mambo Sprouts.


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