Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Wilder Wheat Reviews


A Beer For All Seasons


Pros: Good flavor, Local (for the Bay Area), unique, Good for Summer and Winter

Cons: Not as common as Bud Light

Wilder Wheat is truly a beer for all seasons.You could drink it while eating a giant chicken pot pie, wearing a shetland sweater, belly up to the pub. But it also has a lightness to it. Think summer beers on the patio with some salsa and chips. It goes both ways... and I have never said that about a beer. I like that it is from the Santa Cruz Mountains, near the Bay Area. So the beer isn't trucked across the country, exhuming lots of carbon into the air. And, in my mind, I think the water is purer up in the Santa Cruz mountains. My dad's an aggressive home brewer--so I know that water quality is important. You can't have too much of this element or too much of that.  If only I could find...
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