Santa Cruz Juice Reviews


Sometimes you want a good juice box


Pros: Organic, great company, tasty juice

Cons: Tropical kind is a little sweet

Overall, I'm a big fan of Santa Cruz juices.  To start off with, the company has a great sustainability policy (they are organic, they have a green power purchasing policy, they recycle 96% of their waste products).  And beyond that, they're juice is pretty delicious. I'm a big fan of their rasberry lemonade and their cranberry juice (which come bottled).  In terms of juice boxes...if you've got a kid (big or little) that needs lunch (and your stainless steel reusable water bottle has gone missing of course), Santa Cruz juice boxes are a good option for something a little healthier than traditional juice packs.  Of the juice boxes, I've only had the tropical punch kind.  It's not bad, but...
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